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How to clean Laminate Floor

How To Clean And Care For Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring resembles hardwood, but the former requires extra care and people need to follow a different cleaning procedure for either. If you consider cleaning these boards like cleaning oak planks, you might want to reconsider the plan. Laminate floorings need unique care compared to hardwood as professionals cannot refinish them in case of damage or even a stain. After considering the price of replacements and professional repair costs, you should know how to properly

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Apartment Renovation & Refurbishment Ideas: Flooring, Open Plan and more

Are you planning on completing an apartment renovation?  The topic of renovation is discussed less when referring to apartments or small spaces. In comparison to houses, it may seem a challenging project to take on. However, renovating an apartment comes with an abundance of benefits and adds value to your property. The tricky part is where to begin. Well, having a well-constructed plan in place can streamline the process, and significantly increase the success of

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