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  • Tredaire Underlay Reviews & Best Price inc. Seventh Heaven Range

    This article gives a clear, balanced and comprehensive review of a variety of popular Tredaire products. The Tredaire brand is one of the most versatile, high quality and recognisable laminate & carpet underlay ranges available, and is manufactured by Interfloor in the UK. Interfloor products are used in homes, hotels, businesses, restaurants and other buildings all around the world. The materials used are environmentally-friendly, with plenty of treated and recycled materials being used. Here at U4U we stock a range of the most popular Tredaire products, with something for every part of the house. In this article we review the key specifications and measurements that you need to take into account when choosing underlay, and then take a closer look at each of the different Tredaire products. The Most Purchased Tredaire Product Important Tredaire Specifications There are a handful...

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  • How to Remove & Fit Your Own Carpet and Underlay

    A lot of our customers here at Underlay4u regularly ask for our advice on how to fit their own underlay in order to save a bit of the costs and time associated with DIY projects, and do things on their own schedule. We get it – life is busy these days. DIY jobs need to get done when they get done, and not at a time that will disrupt the rest of your life. Wouldn’t it be great if instead of having to be at home to let the carpet fitters in, or arrange for a relative to drop round in the middle of the day with the spare keys to open up, you could just do it in the evening after work, or on Sunday when the kids are at football? In this post we’d like to go through the steps you can take in order to fit your own underlay quickly and easily, and also how to make the most of the process in doing up your home. Actually laying the underlay is quite an easy task once you have everything...

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  • Cloud 9 Underlay Reviews 9mm, 10mm, 11mm - Best UK prices

    This article will give you clear and thorough guidance into the different cloud 9 carpet underlay or laminate/ wood flooring options, that are currently available from Ball & Young manufacturers. Ball & Young is a company that’s dedicated to manufacturing their products in the UK. The foam underlay from Ball & Young is known to have good compression recovery properties and often a good degree of comfort depending which product you choose. Top products from Ball & Young... cloud 9 cumulus 11mm Cloud 9 Cirrus 9mm   Before looking at the full range of products, let’s take a look at the important specifications, how to choose the right Cloud 9 products and where to find the best prices. We’ll also address one of the most common questions – 9mm vs 11mm.   Important Cloud 9 specifications There’s a few specifications to look out for when choosing...

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  • Anti Slip or Cushioned Rug Underlay for Carpet and Laminate

    Can you use carpet underlay for a rug? There’s a lot of people wondering whether it’s good or bad to use underlay under a rug and if there are any benefits of doing so. The short answer is that many people have found good uses for carpet underlay beneath their rug, however a few important considerations need to be understood first. In this post we’re going to look at how to decide which is the best underlay for your rug and what to consider when making your buying decision. First, here’s the improvements that it can give your rug. Improved cushioning The first reason people add carpet underlay to their rug, is because it gives a nice cushioning. This is particularly true for hard floors, usually laminate or wood. By adding a rug with cushioning, they find it much more comfortable on the feet or for relaxing on.   Thickening up the rug Making the rug look thicker is also a...

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  • Best Thermal & Insulated Underlay for Carpet, Laminate & Wood Flooring

    Many customers make their buying decision based on insulated underlay ratings alone. And even more so when laying on a concrete floor. So list the best underlay in order of thermal insulation properties for: Carpet Laminate or wood flooring including engineered wood. Then we explain a few more details about choosing an insulated underlay such as will it even work as a warmth barrier.   BEST PRODUCTS FOR INSULATION High Thermal Insulated Carpet Underlays Carpet underlays can be thicker than laminate and therefore have a higher thermal rating. No 1. 11mm Tredaire Dreamwalk 3.13 TOG – Read more No 2. 11mm Cloud 9 Cumulus 3.10 TOG – Read more No 2. 12mm Underlay4u 2.96 TOG – Read more   High Thermal Insulated Laminate or Wood Flooring Underlays Generally, products suitable for laminate or wood flooring have a much lower tog rating. The best on the options on the market...

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  • Foam underlay – What is it and why do I need it in my home?

    I’ve heard PU foam is a good option for underlay, but what are the best products? We have many customers ask us this question, which is why we have put together this simple guide to PU foam underlay. In this post you will find the best foam products for carpet, laminate flooring, the stairs, contract use and more. We will also explain what PU foam is and why it’s great for the environment. Keep reading to find out our top picks for buying underlay on a budget and why PU foam has the advantage over sponge rubber. First, we’ll look at the different PU Foam products in this order Foam for Laminate High End Luxury for Carpet Best Value The thickest High Density (for stairs) Heavy Duty   Best Foam Product for Laminate Laminate flooring has become a very popular choice for the home in recent years. With the improvement of its quality and wood-like authenticity, many customers...

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  • Highest & Lowest Tog Insulating Underlay: Cloud 9 vs Underfloor Heating

    Who thought tog rating would be such a significant factor in making your decision when choosing an underlay. In fact, 90% of our customers buy theirs based on the tog rating alone. So in this article, we’re showing you which are the best underlays for the highest tog, on the market today. Buying the lowest tog is also an important factor when making your purchase decision. So we’ll also show you which are the best for that and explain why. In this article, we tell you everything about tog rating and why it's important. But first, here's the products that are most relevant to your decision making.   Highest TOG Rated products for insulating warmth... No. 1 Tredaire Dreamwalk 3.13 TOG The Tredaire Dreamwalk is a luxurious carpet underlay that provides high warmth, good sound reduction and a great comfort under the feet underfoot feel. No. 2 Cloud 9 Cumulus 3.1 TOG The...

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  • Best Underlay for Lounge Bedroom or Living Rooms - Comfortable and luxurious

    There are many reasons to fit underlay in your home, the main one being to protect your flooring and prolong the life of it. For some, the most important factor is comfort. Underlay can have various levels of comfort depending on: Thickness Material Density Tog. Underlay with a high level of comfort is usually required for areas of relaxation, which could be the bedroom, dining room or lounge. In this article we are going to discuss the most luxurious and comfortable underlays for every budget.   Best carpet underlays for the bedroom   When it comes to a bedroom, there is usually not very high foot traffic and the focus is mainly on comfort and a soft underfoot feel. Buy Tredaire Dreamwalk for your bedroom The Tredaire Dreamwalk is a luxurious underlay that provides excellent cushioning and a soft underfoot feel. The Tredaire Dreamwalk is a luxurious carpet...

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  • What is the best underlay for the stairs? Do you need it?

    The stairs probably receive the most concentrated foot traffic in your home, which can take its toll on your carpet. So, what can you do about this? How can you protect your carpet? A good quality underlay makes a huge difference on the stairs, but it can be difficult choosing the right one. This area of your home can be complex and there are many factors to consider before purchasing underlay. In this article we are going to cover if underlay is necessary for the stairs, which underlay is best and if it can be used in other parts of the house. An Insight to the Carpenter Ultra Step Buy Carpenter Ultra Step for a highly durable result Buy the Tredaire Ultra Step for an underlay that has been designed for durability and comfort. BUY ULTRA STEP HERE Ultra Step Benefits in summary:  The Ultra step a high-quality option which is perfect for the stairs, here are the top benefits: 1....

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  • Best Soundproof Acoustic Underlay for Carpets, Wooden and Laminate Floors

    Contents Best Soundproof for Carpet underlay Best Soundproof for wooden or Laminate flooring Soundproofing underlay for underfloor heating Are you getting the best out of your underlay? The main purpose of underlay is to, of course, protect your flooring. But, what if you could bring some peace and quiet to your home at the same time as protecting your carpet? You can also benefit from better heat insulation and so many other features. This article will tell you exactly how beneficial soundproof underlay can be and how to find the right one for your specific environment. Did you know that many companies claim to be have soundproof products that may not actually work? Keep reading to find out how to avoid being mis-sold and be one step ahead of misleading sales pitches. Soundproof Underlay for Best Noise Reduction The Tredaire Colours Red is our best underlay for impact noise...

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  • Best Underlay for Underfloor Heating: Carpet & Laminate

    Your first question: Do I need Special Underlay for Underfloor Heating? If you want to protect your carpet from foot traffic and keep it looking nice and new, then underlay is vital. It is also important to spend time looking for the right underlay for your carpet underfloor heating, as some can stop the heat from getting through, which is a waste of money. Here is the best product currently on the market for underfloor heating. The Duralay King also has a high density which absorbs the shock from foot traffic so that your carpet doesn’t have to. This is what prolongs the life of your carpet. Watch our video on Duralay King for Underfloor Heating 12,000 views: View the transcript here The best product for allowing the heat through your carpet and into your home is the Duralay King. Its low tog gives this underlay excellent thermal conductivity, but this is not its only...

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  • How much does it cost to lay carpet per square metre

    Carpet is a sophisticated and stylish choice for the home and is the ideal choice for a cooler climate. If you're installing brand new carpets in your home, you'll want to know how much it costs to lay carpet per square metre so you can make smart choices that fit your budget. But there's more to carpet laying than simply buying a good quality carpet at the right price. You'll also need to think about the cost of accessories like gripper rods and door plates, labour and underlay. Calculating the cost You'll need to total up four figures if you want to have a truly accurate idea of how much it costs to lay carpet per square metre: • The cost of the carpet per square metre • The cost of the underlay per square metre • The cost of installation per square metre • The cost of any accessories required Do I need underlay? If you want to cut costs when laying carpet then skipping the...

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  • How to fit skirting boards on uneven walls

    Skirting boards give a clean and neat finish between the walls and the floors in your property. In older houses, the boards themselves can be quite ornamental with an attractive moulded profile, whereas modern skirting boards tend to be much plainer. If you're fitting new skirting boards, match them to the age of the house and attach them to the walls with glue or screws, making sure you mitre or scribe the joins for the neatest and most professional effect. If you need to replace skirting boards in an older property, you may find that the walls are uneven, presenting you with a real challenge. It's not an impossible task if you follow these simple steps. Measure twice, cut once Before you buy your skirting boards, measure the room accurately and then add 20% to the total figure to allow for wastage. When you get the boards home, leave them in the room where you intend to use them for...

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  • What is the best underlay for laminate flooring or Wood Floor?

    Whether you're fitting carpet or laminate, underlay is crucial to getting the best experience out of your new flooring. It's especially important if your sub-floor is made of concrete as the underlay helps to prevent moisture and damp from impacting your flooring and ensures it lasts longer. It will also help to smooth out your flooring making it the perfect surface for laying your floor. Underlay also acts as a thermal insulator, keeping your house warmer for longer and at less cost. This is important with laminate as it can potentially make your house feel colder during winter. Underlay also works as acoustic insulation, which is valuable with a wood floor as it can otherwise become quite loud.   Laminate 3mm dpm with built in damp proof membrane and is a great option for wooden floor boards and laminate flooring Read More >> Sonic Commercial is the thickest underlay...

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