What is the best underlay for the stairs? Do you need it?

do I need underlay for the stairs

The stairs probably receive the most concentrated foot traffic in your home, which can take its toll on your carpet.

So, what can you do about this? How can you protect your carpet?

A good quality underlay makes a huge difference on the stairs, but it can be difficult choosing the right one. This area of your home can be complex and there are many factors to consider before purchasing underlay.

In this article we are going to cover if underlay is necessary for the stairs, which underlay is best and if it can be used in other parts of the house.

An Insight to the Carpenter Ultra Step

Our best underlay products for the Stairs

Ultra Step Benefits in summary: 
The Ultra step a high-quality option which is perfect for the stairs, here are the top benefits:
1. The 9mm thickness allows for easily handling and fitting.
2. The noise reduction of 40db offers excellent impact noise reduction.
3. This product has been designed with durability in mind, so does a great job of protecting against high foot traffic.
4. As well as durability, it also offers a good level of comfort.
5. It is made from PU foam which is light weight and made from recycled materials.

Buy Carpentner Ultra Step here

How to calculate how much you need for the stairs

Calculating underlay for the stairs is easier than you might think:
Stair width x (tread size + 0.10m). Then multiply this by how many steps you have. The 0.10m is to allow for cutting, so you will need to add this to your tread size before you multiply it with stair width. Here’s an example:
0.91 x (0.30 + 0.10m) = 0.36m².
0.36m² x 12 steps = 4.32m².
We recommend rounding this up, so it would come to 5m².

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Do you even need underlay for stairs?

Underlay is not just for comfort, it also absorbs the shock from foot traffic. As the stairs usually receives the highest foot traffic, underlay is essential for this area.

Some people want the thickest underlay for this area to absorb the high foot traffic, but this is not always possible.

Because of the structure of stairs (the unusual shape and crevices), the balance of thickness and practicality can be a hard one to perfect.


What is the best underlay for stairs? Is 11mm underlay too thick?


Many people love the Tredaire Dreamwalk, which is why it’s our best seller. However, we don’t usually recommend it for the stairs. There are a few options for the stairs and the best one for you will depend on a few factors.

We recommend going no thicker than 11mm for the stairs as anything over this will be very difficult to fit – read our guide on how to fit stairs carpet for more info. 9mm is the optimum thickness, however it can depend on the density of the underlay.

Here are the best products on the market to buy for your stairs:


Cloud 9 Cirrus Underlay for stairs

Buy Cloud 9 Cirrus for your stairs

Cloud 9 Cirrus has the optimum thickness for the stairs. It is lightweight, comfortable, durable and easy to fit on a staircase.

Cloud 9 cirrus for stairs

Cloud 9 Cirrus
With a 9mm thickness, this underlay is perfect for the stairs. Here are its main benefits:
1. With a noise reduction of 39db, it offers good level of impact noise reduction.
2. It is made of PU foam which is lightweight, durable and easy to handle.
3. It has a tog of 2.6 which offers good heat insulation.
4. It is made from recycled materials.
5. It has good comfort.

Underlay4U 9mm for stairs

Buy Underlay4U 9mm for a premium quality budget-friendly option for the stairs

The Underlay4U 9mm is the best value option for the stairs. It is the perfect combination of high quality and excellent value for money.
Underlay4U 9mm for stairs

Underlay4U 9mm
This is a great value option that provides high quality whilst still being budget friendly:
1. It has a 9mm thickness which is perfect for the stairs.
2. It is easy to handle and fit.
3. It has a comfortable underfoot feel.
4. Made from PU foam which is highly durable and excellent quality.
5. It is great for the environment as it is made from recycled materials.
6. It is the best value option for the stairs.


What is the best underlay for the stairs and landing?


Carpenter Ultimate Living
At 10mm, the carpenter ultimate living is a slightly thicker underlay which will work perfectly on both stairs, landing and living areas, here’s why it works:
1. It is made from PU foam which is a lightweight and flexible material which makes it easy to handle and fit in this tricky area.
2. The noise reduction of 43db offers great impact noise reduction.
3. The tog rating of 2.53 provides good heat insulation.
4. It has a soft underfoot feel and provides a good level of comfort.

5. This is a great all rounder underlay. As well as the stairs, it can be used in every room in the house, which makes it an easy purchase.

6. It has a very high density of 145kg / m3, which means it can take a large amount of stomping foot traffic without wearing down – especially needed for stairs.