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Open Plan Living, Kitchen and Dining Area

Pros & Cons of Open Plan Living: Is it a Good Idea?

Open plan living is a great way to reap the true benefits of the space in your home. Whether it be for the purpose of entertaining your guests, family space or simply to add value to your home, it’s vital to keep the space insulated. In this article, we will cover: Open plan living: what is it and where to start Pros & Cons How to keep warm with underlay   Open Plan Living: What

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underfloor heating

Best Underlay for Underfloor Heating: Carpet & Laminate

Do I need special underlay for underfloor heating? Underlay is vital for any kind of flooring but if you have underfloor heating, there are a few more factors to consider. Lots of underlays are designed to be thick and cushion-like so they feel soft and provide insulation. These sorts of products do not work with underfloor heating because they act as a barrier to the heat trying to come through. Instead, you need a thin

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