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Best Time to do a Home Renovation

Best Time of Year to do a Home Renovation

Home renovations are one of the biggest, yet most rewarding tasks to take on and can add heaps of value to your current home. There are many areas to look to when planning a renovation, but it can be challenging to know when is best to take on such a big task, and also to know when and where to start. At Underlay4U, we’ve collated some of our best tips when it comes to renovating

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Staircase Renovation Ideas Costs 72px

Staircase Renovation: Ideas & Costs for UK Homes

Renovating a staircase is often the last thing on people’s mind when they move into a new home. But some simple upgrades to your staircase can have a huge improvement on the overall feel of your home’s entry area. This article will help you decide which staircase renovation is right for you. From a simple lick of paint to a full renovation, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of each option. We’ll also provide some

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Bedroom Renovation

Bedroom Renovation: Our quick guide to renovating a small bedroom

Undergoing a bedroom renovation is an important part of refreshing your home. Whether the bedroom is small or large, a little planning for costs and activities will go a long way to ensuring you can renovate your bedroom in good time and within budget. This article provides the important steps to renovating your bedroom and getting a whole new living space for you to get a good night’s rest. We also provide some ideas for

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Kitchen Renovation Costs

How to carry out your own kitchen renovation

Everyone loves a nice new kitchen. It is one of the most important and often-used rooms in a house and also has a huge effect on a property’s value. But a kitchen renovation is a big project and you should make sure you are properly prepared for it. In this article we take a look at some of the typical steps in a renovation and discuss how to plan and prepare for each of them.

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Large Renovations Add value to your home

6 Large Renovations that add value to your home

Making value-adding changes to a home is on many people’s to-do lists. Everyone wants to maximise the value of the investment made when purchasing a property and carrying out a DIY upgrade or paying for tradespeople to do some remodelling is a great way to achieve it. There are many ways that you can make changes to a property (ranging from extensive redesigns to simple redecorations) which would have a significant impact on its value.

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Fit Carpet on the Stairs Banner

How to Fit Stairs Carpet – Simple 5 Step Guide

Once you have torn out and cleaned up everything from your old stair carpet, it’s time to decide whether you want to fit your new one ‘the DIY way’ or hire a fitter to get the job done at an additional cost. Many people choose to fit their stairs flooring themselves, which is why this guide takes you through 5 simple steps on how to fit carpet on your stairs. It will help you make

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How To Install Electric Underfloor Heating

When renovating a kitchen or bathroom, the order in which you complete each step is vital to the success of planning and project outcome. That’s why in this article, we are giving you essential steps to take when installing electric underfloor heating. Often installed in the kitchen or bathroom. We also make suggestions about which step you need to take and when during the full renovation. The high-level stages for installing electric underfloor heating are:

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