Carpenter Perfect Living 9mm Carpet Underlay



Manufacturer Carpenter
Noise Reduction 40 db
Tog Rating 2.65




Perfect Living 9mm
Manufacturer : Carpenters
Thickness: 9mm
Roll Width: 1.37m
Roll Length: 11m
Thermal Resistance: 2.65tog
Impact Sound Improvement: 40db
Density: 100kg/m3

Weight: 13.5kilo per 15m2.

We have changed suppliers from Tredaire to Carpenters. Carpenters is a UK based company. All products are made and despatched in the UK. Carpenters are known for the quality and care of the products made and are devoted to making the best product possible for great prices.

The medium range is the range for you if you desire an underfelt that is great quality, and has good specifications in regards to noise reduction, heat insulation and density. These are excellent value for money.

All underlays have different properties. Before making your choice have a think about what you want from your underlay. From keeping the warmth in to reducing impact noise. How thick your carpet is in relation to your doors. How dense do you want your underlay to be ( this can be thought of by how much traffic is walking through).

Do you want your feet to mould into the carpet? For example the Deepstep.

Or do you want a firmer feel underfoot for example the Ultimate Living? Stairs are best for a 9mm Underlay to be able to manipulate the underlay around the stairs .

The Perfect living 9mm is the equalivant to the Tredaire Brio 8mm.

The Density of the Brio 8mm was 98kg/m3 and the Perfect Living 9mm the density is 100kg/m3.

The medium density of the Perfect Living 9mm carpet underlay means that the underlay is easy to cut and handle. The underlay can be cut with scissors.

The Perfect Living 9mm has a woven top, this ensures that the underlay has a more stable protection.

The Perfect Living 9mm can be used in most areas of your property. This underfelt is perfect for stairs as it is a 9mm underlay and as it is a medium feel it will be easy to manage and manipulate over the stairs for a tidy finish.

It is suitable for areas of comfort and relaxation such as bedrooms, lounge, play rooms but for a more luxury feel a thicker underlay may be for you.

For a 9mm medium carpet underfelt the Perfect Living 9mm has a good tog rating and noise reduction.

The Perfect Living 9mm is guaranteed for the lifetime of the carpet. The material is made of recyclable products and is recyclable at the end of its life.

As with the Carpenters range the Perfect Living 9mm has high heat and sound properties which does mean that this product is not suitable for underfloor heating.

The other benefit for Perfect Living 9mm is that it will protect your carpet from premature wear.

Many research hours have gone into the product to bring you a durable, luxury underlay for your living rooms, bedrooms and any area of comfort in your home.

To lay the carpet underfelt if you put the plain side down and the woven topping at the top this will help glide your carpet across easier.

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