Underlay4u Magic 10mm Carpet Underlay

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  • A superb all-round underlay
  • Easily lays onto wood or concrete subfloors
  • 10mm thickness makes it easy to fit on the stairs
  • Superb foam underlay that’s easy to lift, cut and handle for fitting yourself or being installed by a carpet fitter
  • 100% recycled and manufactured in Britain by Carpenters UK
Manufacturer Underlay4u
Noise Reduction 36 db
Tog Rating 2.4


Committed to using top British manufacturers


Magic 10mm Carpet Underlay


Thickness: 10mm
Warmth Rating: 2.4 Tog
Noise Reduction: 32db
Roll Size: 15m2 (11m x 1.37m)
Density: 85kg/m3


Where Should you fit the Magic 10mm Carpet Underlay?

The Magic 10mm is designed to be used as an all-round underlay including the stairs and is a very popular choice for use in apartment blocks.

This underlay can be fit on either wood or concrete subfloor.

The Magic 10mm can easily be fit on the stairs, hall, landing and areas of comfort like the lounge, bedroom or playroom. It’s easy to cut and fit around the complex construction of stairs, but also provides the protection and density you require.

If you are looking to invest in one product for the whole house, then this product is a great value for money option that can be used throughout your home.

It has a good tog rating of 2.4 tog (usually ranging from 0.7 to 3.3) meaning it will add to the insulation of your home.

It has a 10mm thickness meaning it can be fit anywhere in the home without any fitting problems, such as over the stairs because stairs need a thickness of 10mm or less.

Although there are other product that offer higher comfort levels, warmth ratings or sound reduction ratings, it still provides a good level of cushioning whilst protecting your carpet at great price.

For example:

  • The 10mm thickness offers a good level of comfort, but not quite as much cushioning compared to a 12mm thick underlay.
  • The 2.4 tog offers a good warmth rating but not quite as high as the Midas 12mm of 3.3 tog

Where shouldn’t you fit the Magic 10mm

Because of its high tog rating, this product is not suitable for underfloor heating. For underfloor heating, you’ll want to choose a high conduction product such as our Duralay King.

Because of its thickness of 10mm it wouldn’t be suitable for the stairs. Choose a thinner product such as our Perfect Living 9mm

Made in the UK from 100% Recycled Materials

The Magic 10mm is made by Carpenters, a trusted manufacturer since 1948 based right here in the UK.

It’s constructed of 100% recycled PU Foam and has a medium density. It’s easy to cut with scissors and lightweight enough to handle round corners of the room – making it easy to fit it yourself or quicker for carpet fitters to complete the job – in comparison to rubber products.

PU Foam are now the most popular for a few reasons. They are light weight and easy to handle. They are also made out of recycled materials and more economical to produce, keeping things green.

Why trust Carpenters UK for quality and longevity?

They have simply stood the test of time. That’s because many unbranded underlay products are found to be of poor construction or will deteriorate in a much shorter period of time. If the underlay deteriorates, then the carpet will need lifting and a new underlay fitted earlier than desired.

They have been innovating in the home comforts sector since 1948. With Carpenters you can be sure that you’re buying the highest quality and the longest lasting products.

Some people feel the need to budget for a lower cost underlay but this is the component that offers the most benefits.

While the carpet is there to look and feel nice, the underlay is there for carpet protection, extra comfort and even insulation or sound reduction. Carpenters deliver on all of these.

At Underlay4u, we’re also committed to using British products that are recycled and manufactured right here in the UK.

In Summary

  • A perfect option for fitting all round the home where you want to use the same product throughout including the stairs
  • Not suitable where underfloor heating is installed
  • Constructed of 100% recycled PU Foam

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