Tredaire Dreamwalk 12mm Carpet Underlay


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Underlay Tredaire Dreamwalk Carpet Underlay


Thickness: 11mm
Warmth: 3.13 tog
Noise Reduction: 44db
Density: 110 kg/m2
Roll Size: 15m2 (11m x 1.37m)


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How thick, How Dense & Which Rooms is the Tredaire Dreamwalk for?

The Tredaire Dreamalk is an 11mm thick underlay. The thickness is designed to help cushion the flooring between the carpet and the sub floor. It also prolongs the life of the carpet.

The density is approximately 110 kg/m3, which is a medium density when compared against other products. The medium density means that it will be slightly easier to carry, cut and fit than the higher density, heavier products.

The Dreamwalk is suitable for any room in the domestic home. However, as it doesn’t have that super-high density, and is quite thick, it’s not usually recommended for the hall, stairs or landing.

The thickness can also cause problems when laying over the steps.

If you’re laying carpet on the stairs, see the alternative suggestions at the bottom of this page. We offer fantastic products that are also great as all-rounders.

The versatility of this product and excellent recovery characteristics makes this our best-selling carpet underlay.


How insulated is the Tredaire Dreamwalk?

As a luxury underlay, the Dreamwalk provides one of the highest tog ratings on the market of 3.13 tog. It means it’s a great choice when you’re laying your new floor in a cold room or subfloor.

The thickness along with the tog rating will make your relaxation areas in the home, feel warm and cosy. Particularly during the winter and especially in naturally cold houses.

What’s more, buying the Dreamwalk may even help you save on your energy bills. Mainly because you’re not losing heat through the floors.

Note, the high tog rating also means this product isn’t suitable for underfloor heating.


Tredaire Dreamwalk Sound Reduction properties

While the sound reduction isn’t quite as high as the Tredaire Colours Red, it does still have one of the best on the market.

The sound reduction properties of this underlay are rated at 44db. Here’s what that means.

Do you have noisy children who bang about or play loud music?

Do you live in an apartment block and want to play your music that little bit louder?

If the answer is ‘yes’, then the Dreamwalk could be the perfect choice for you.

It has one of the best acoustic properties on the market. Note, this is usually measure by weighted reduction of impact noise, such as thudding and stomping.

So, it will help reduce the noise coming through the floor boards from the master bedroom or even the children’s bedrooms.

How it feels: Quality vs Value

The Tredaire Dreamwalk represents fantastic value for money from a top branded manufacturer (more on this below). Apart from density, it has the highest rated technical properties on the market.

Some say there’s no competition for such a high-quality product at such a great price.

If you’re looking for a carpet underlay, which has the best insulation, sound reduction and thickness properties, then be sure to choose the Tredaire Dreamwalk.

Dreamwalk has been used with total confidencein any all areas of the home, even though it’s not the best option for the stairs.

If you’re still not sure which one is best for you, and price is a key factor, see the similar products at the bottom of this page.

In terms of value for money, there are cheaper options available, however they may not offer the same thickness, warmth or sound reduction. So, decide what’s important to you, take a look at our alternative products before making your final decision.

What’s the Dreamwalk made from and who makes it?

The PU foam construction means that when your doing a DIY job, you will find it easier to handle, cut and fit.

PU Foam also offers excellent bounce back characteristics, so you don’t need to worry when moving around heavy furniture.

Tredaire Dreamwalk is a recycled product, made from the off cuts of foam the furniture, automotive and soft furnishings sector.

The foam is collected, shredded and re-bonded into a sheet format, and although relatively a new product it has been dominating the market since early 2000.

The manufacturers of Dreamwalk are Interfloor, they manufacture all our Tredaire products right here in the UK. This one is part of the Seventh Heaven range.

Interfloor have their own ratings on their website. A snapshot for the Dreamwalk is below. 6 is the highest rating they give.

Interfloor is one of Underlay4u’s main suppliers. They have been at the forefront of innovation in the flooring industry since the 1940’s. They now have over 400 employees in the UK.


Similar Products

If you’re still not sure if the Dreamwalk is for you, see the products that offer similar or the same characteristics:


Cloud 9 Cumulus

This also has 11mm thickness, it’s another best-seller and has similar, top-graded properties as the Dreawmalk. It’s slightly more expensive though

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Underlay4u 12mm

The 12mm is our best value product. This is a slightly thicker option but has slightly lower warmth and sound reduction properties. A must buy for anyone working on a budget while improving their home.

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Underlay for other needs

For the stairs in your home, you should choose a density between 110kg/m3 and 200kg/m3. While for underfloor heating, you need a low tog underlay so you can feel the warmth through it.


Magic 9mm Underlay

For a good, stairs underlay the Magic 9mm underlay may be the perfect choice for you. It’s great value for money for a product with high density.

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Tredaire Softwalk 

The Softwalk is a perfect all-rounder when laying carpet throughout the home. It has a similar density but is slightly thinner so it’s easy enough to get round the steps of the stairs levels.

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Carpenter Ultra Step

The Ultra Step is a 9mm super high-density underlay designed for the stairs, hall and landing. It has excellent durability and is priced slightly higher than its competing products.

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What state do my floors have to be in?

Your sub-floors need to be clean and free from dust before laying new flooring. There are different requirements depending whether your subfloor is made of wood or concrete etc.

If you want to know more about how your floors need to be prepared before laying your new underlay and carpet, have a read of our blog post:

What state do my floors have to be in for laying new carpet and underlay?