Tredaire Zest 10mm Carpet Underlay


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Tredaire Zest 10mm Carpet Underlay


Thickness: 10mm
Warmth: 2.64 tog
Noise Reduction: 39db
Density: 98 kg/m3
Roll Size: 15m2 (11m x 1.37m)


How thick, how dense & which rooms is the Tredaire Zest 10mm Carpet Underlay for?

The Tredaire Zest Carpet Underlay is 10mm thick so it has a soft, cushion-like feel. This makes it the perfect choice for living spaces like the bedroom and lounge where comfort is the priority.

Because the Zest Underlay is designed with comfort in mind, it has a relatively low density so it isn’t the best choice for high traffic areas such as the stairs.

If you are looking for underlay for the stairs specifically we would recommend the Tredaire Softwalk 9mm or for an underlay you can use throughout the house we recommend our 9mm Magic Carpet Underlay.


How Insulated is the Tredaire Zest Underlay?

The Tredaire Zest Underlay has a 2.64 tog rating so it’s a great insulator.

Using the Zest Underlay in rooms with draughty floor boards or a cold concrete subfloor will make a huge difference in the winter months.

Because of its insulating properties, we wouldn’t advise using it where you have underfloor heating installed. If you are looking for underlay to use with underfloor heating, we recommend Duralay King.


Zest 10mm Underlay Sound Reduction Properties

As well as being highly insulating, the Tredaire Zest Underlay has a noise reduction of 39db.

This means that it will help to reduce the impact noise of footsteps considerably so it’s a good choice for upstairs rooms. It’s also a great choice for flats where keeping the noise to a minimum between floors is a priority.


How it fees: Quality vs Value

The Tredaire Zest Carpet Underlay gives any carpet a much more luxurious feel at a fantastic price.

Its insulation properties will help to reduce heating bills, saving you money in the long term, and its noise dampening abilities will make any home feel a little bit more peaceful.

Because the Zest Underlay is designed specifically for comfort, you will really feel the difference compared to using an ‘all rounder’ underlay in every room and on the stairs.


What’s Tredaire Zest Carpet Underlay made from and who makes it?

Tredaire Zest is made from PU foam which has a lot of fantastic qualities such as heat insulation and noise dampening despite being one of the cheapest underlay materials.

PU Foam is made from recycled materials therefore it’s easier and quicker to produce than other materials such as rubber and it’s better for the environment.

PU foam underlays like Tredaire Zest are a great choice for DIYers because they are lightweight and easy to handle.

Tredaire Zest Underlay is made by Interfloor who are one of Underlay 4 U’s top suppliers. Their factory here in the UK makes some of our bestselling underlays such as Tredaire Dreamwalk and Duralay King.

Interfloor give each of their underlays a rating out of 6 for: heat insulation, comfort, sound insulation and durability.

As expected, Zest Underlay scores 6 for heat insulation and comfort so it’s a great choice for creating a luxurious, cosy feeling. It gets the lowest score (4) for durability which is why we don’t recommend it for high traffic areas like the stairs.


Similar products

The  Underlay 4 U Thick 12mm Underlay is a cheaper alternative to the Tredaire Zest.

As well as being slightly thicker, this underlay has a higher tog rating (2.96) so it will offer more heat insulation and it also has a higher noise reduction (41db).

Like the Tredaire Zest, we would recommend using the Underlay 4 U 12mm in low traffic areas like the bedroom and living room. Because it is even thicker than Zest, it wouldn’t be suitable for the stairs.

A second alternative would be the Cloud 9 Cirrus 9mm Underlay.

The Cloud 9 Cirrus is ideal for anyone wanting a slightly thinner underlay with the same tog rating and noise reduction.


Underlay for other needs

If you are looking for an underlay to use on the stairs, we recommend either our 9mm Magic Carpet Underlay or our Ultra Step 9mm Underlay. The reason being they are thinner and also denser so more durable  to cope with the high foot traffic.

If you want to buy just one underlay for the whole house, we recommend the Tredaire Softwalk 9mm. It is thin enough and durable enough to be used on the stairs but this means there will be some element of compromise on comfort in the bedroom and living room.