Tredaire Sensation 11mm Carpet Underlay


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Tredaire Sensation 11mm Carpet Underlay.


Thickness:                             11mm
Warmth Rating:                      2.89 tog
Noise Reduction:                   43 db
Density:                                 145kg/m3
Roll Size:                               15m2 (11m x 1.37m)

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How thick, How Dense & Which rooms is the Tredaire Sensation for?

The tredaire sensation is an 11m thick carpet underlay. This is thicker than most underlays and is designed to provide a good level of comfort and protection to your carpet and sub floor. It does this by absorbing the shock from foot traffic, which would damage your carpet or flooring in the absence of underlay.

By protecting the carpet and flooring, it also prolongs the life of it, which makes thick underlay a good investment.

The density is approximately 145kg/m3, which is a very high density compared to most other underlay products. A higher density may be slightly more difficult to work with during fitting, but is highly beneficial for protecting your carpet or flooring. It also allows the underlay to maintain firmness even through high levels of foot traffic.

The Tredaire Sensation is suitable for any room in your home. While the 11mm thickness can make it more difficult to fit around the stairs, the high density is desinged to take the heavy foot traffic.

Please see our alternative recommendations at the bottom of the page for other products suited to the stairs if this is what you are looking for.

This product can be very beneficial for rooms of relaxation in the house such as the living room, dining room, study or bedroom. The thickness and ability to withstand high foot traffic make it an incredibly practical option for your home.


How insulated is the Tredaire Sensation?

With a tog rating of 2.89, this product provides a high level of warmth. Although it is not the highest tog ratings you will find, it still provides excellent warmth which is ideal for your home.

This makes it ideal for rooms where comfort and warmth are required, such as the bedroom, office or living room.

The thickness is another contributing factor that makes this product an ideal option for those wanting extra warmth in the home.

A huge benefit of underlay with a high tog rating is the money that can be saved on energy bills, as it helps prevent warm air from escaping through the floor.

However, this product is not recommended for underfloor heating as this would require a low tog rating for the warmth to be able to travel through the carpet.


Tredaire Sensation Sound Reduction properties

At 43db, it isn’t the highest sound reduction we offer, it is still a very high rating and offers some of the best sound reduction on the market.

When we say an underlay has excellent sound reduction properties, we are talking about impact noise. This includes sounds such as walking, jumpin or dropping objects.

For domestic home use, the Tredaire Sensation is ideal for reducing foot steps and movement. It is a simple way to have some peace and quiet in your home, which is perfect for those with large families or a busy house.

It is recommended for areas that have rooms underneath them, as it will reduce the sound going through the floorboards.


How it feels: Quality vs Value

The Tredaire Sensation, is priced slightly higher than other products on the market, but it is great value for money considering the very high technical specifications.

As it has a high density of 145kg/m3 and a high thickness of 11mm, you receive more than less expensive products such as the Tredaire Softwalk.

It is also produced by a top branded manufacturer, which ensures that this is a reliable product that will last many years.

This many not be the cheapest product on the market, but for the features you receive, it is well worth the investment.

If you’re looking for fantastic sound reduction, a high density that will retain protection and comfort through high foot traffic and a high warmth rating, then the Tredaire Sensation is the perfect option.

If you’re looking for a slightly cheaper alternative that can be used all throughout the home, including the stairs, see our recommendations at the bottom of the page.

What’s the Sensation made from and who makes it?

The Tredaire Sensation is made of high quality PU foam. We have many customers looking for this specific material, as it is so easy to work with and provides excellent comfort and protection.

The light foam construction makes it easy to cut, handle and install, compared to more rigid structures such as rubber.

This high-quality material also has fantastic durability and resilience, which not only does a great job of absorbing shock from foot traffic but will also prolong the life of your carpet.

PU foam is also made from recycled materials, which is another reason it is so highly sought after, especially for those who have environmental concerns.

Interfloor manufacturer the Tredaire Sensation. It is produced here in the UK, along with their full range of Tredaire products.

Below you can view the ratings of this product from Interfloor, with 6 being the highest score.

Underlay4U continue to supply Interfloor underlay due to the sheer quality of their products. They are the most popular products amongst customers and the high quality is consistent throughout their range.

They have provided innovative products since the 1940s and continue to manufacturer underlays which are essential for the everyday home.


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