Tredaire Colours Red 11.4mm Carpet Underlay


Noise Reduction46 db
Tog Rating1.65




Tredaire Colour Red Sponge Rubber Underlay

Acts as a true soundproof barrier

Do the rooms above you make lots of noise

Or do you want to save the ears of the neighbours below?

Then this is definitely the choice to make.


At 46db, it has the highest soundproof underlay properties of all carpet underlay, so it will act as a very strong barrier to noise. The sound reduction spec is 46db.

However, if you are looking for sound reduction but don’t want to spend as much, then a very close 2nd is the…

Tredaire Dreamwalk Carpet Underlay at nearly half the price but still offering luxury and comfort.


A premium underlay for expensive super long-life carpets

If you have bought a very expensive carpet, then this is most definitely the product for you. The Tredaire Colours Red is made of sponge rubber which will offer great protection to your carpet.

With a thickness of 11.4mm (one of the thickest you can buy), it means you can expect your carpet to be kept away from the subfloor which can cause eroding with the use of underlay.


Choose Rubber for luxury underfoot AND very high foot traffic

The extra 0.4mm thickness in comparison to other products, may not sound a lot. But because of the sponge rubber, it offers a significant cushioning on the feet while also being able to take a significant amount of foot traffic.

It’s rare you can find an underlay which provides both of the above – explaining why it is slightly more expensive than the others.


Not suitable for the Stairs

You can buy this product for almost anywhere in the home. However, while the density will take the foot traffic, it is too thick to fit on the stairs.

So please bear that in mind and please don’t choose the Colours Red if you need to lay it on  the stairs.

Looking for underlay for the stairs… See our Tredaire Sensation with ultra high density


Lifetime Guarantee

Like all our products the Colours Red comes with a guarantee that lasts the serviceable lifetime of the carpet.

That way, you can be sure that if you’ve bought a high quality carpet, this underlay will last just as long.


Roll Size 10.96m2 – (8m x 1.37m)

This carpet underlay is one of the best money can buy, and can be used with total confidence anywhere in the home.

Tredaire Colours Red 11.40mm sponge rubber carpet underlay represents fantastic value for money from a top branded manufacturer.

What can we say about this amazing underlay?? Colours Red is at the top end of the underlay world, at a luxurious 11.40mm thick it’s a pleasure to walk on this luxury underlay.  If you want that little bit extra say in you master bedroom or living room this cheap carpet underlay ticks all the boxes.  Its good tog rating means that it will keep the heat in on those cold winter nights, plus with unbelievable Acoustic Properties (weight reduction in impact) you can be assured of peace and quiet.

Cost: What this means to you

It’s well worth the investment, But still at great value for money compared to what the big carpet sheds charge for the same cheap underlay in the high street.  It gives all the benefits that you would expect from a top manufacturer at a fraction of the cost.

Now for the Technical bit:

Tredaire Colours Red gives a fantastic underfoot feel and also has the added benefits of the Tog rating of 1.65 and one of the best Acoustic Properties (Weighted reduction in impact) of 46db.
Overall this is a great all-rounder of a carpet underlay there is no equivalent in big carpet sheds as they don’t go to this level of quality.

This textured flat sponge rubber underlay has a printed Textron paper backing and weighs in at 135lbs or 4068gm2. It’s reasonably heavy to work with but it’s worth the effort once you feel it under foot.

Superior quality cellular sponge rubber underlay

End Use Classification (BS 5808: 1991): L/U, Luxury Use

Unparalleled underfoot comfort

Exceptional thermal and impact sound insulation

Recommended Areas of Use:-

•All General Domestic Use and Extra Heavy Wear Areas—Living Room, Dining Room, Hall  and  Landings & Bedrooms etc.

• Excellent Recovery Characteristics.

Remember, an underlay extends the life of your carpet.

Guaranteed for the serviceable lifetime of the carpet when used in the recommended locations stated above.


Additional information

Sound Reduction

Very High




Heavy Use


0.5 Rolls (5.5m2), 1 Roll (11m2), 1.5 Rolls (16.5 m2), 2 Rolls (22 m2), 2.5 Rolls (27.5 m2), 3 Rolls (33 m2), 3.5 Rolls (38.5 m2), 4 Rolls (44 m2), 4.5 Rolls (49.5 m2), 5 Rolls (55 m2), 5.5 Rolls (60.5 m2), 6 Rolls (66 m2), 6.5 Rolls (71.5 m2), 7 Rolls (77 m2), 7.5 Rolls (82.5 m2), 8 Rolls (88 m2), 8.5 Rolls (93.5 m2), 9 Rolls (99 m2), 9.5 Rolls (9.5 m2), 10 Rolls (110 m2)