Tredaire Colours Red 11.4mm Carpet Underlay


Manufacturer Interfloor
Noise Reduction 46 db
Tog Rating 1.65


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Tredaire Colour Red Sponge Rubber Underlay

How thick, How Dense & Which rooms is the Tredaire Colours Red for? 

The Tredaire Colours Red is 11.4mm thick, which is one of the thickest underlays available on todays market. Although this may not be as thick as the Underlay4U 12mm, it is still a very thick carpet that will provide maximum cushioning and protection. 

The two biggest benefits of having a super thick underlay is that it provides a lot of comfort and helps to absorb shock from foot traffic, which prolongs the life of your carpet. 

The Tredaire Colours Red has a density of 357Kg/m3, which is a very high density. A high density will provide a lot of protection for your flooring and is something you should always look for in underlay that is being placed in areas that have high foot traffic.  

In the absence of underlay, the carpet would become prematurely damaged and worn as it would absorb all the traffic from foot traffic. This is why underlay is needed, as it absorbs this shock and keeps the carpet in good condition. The higher the density and thickness, the more protected your flooring is. 

The Tredaire Colours Red is best suited to areas of relaxation such as the living room, dining room, bedroom or play area. This is because the thickness provides a lot of comfort, which is ideal for creating a cosy environment.  

These are areas that also usually receive a lot of foot traffic, so this product will increase the longevity of your carpet in these areas where you want to keep your flooring looking nice and new.  

We wouldn’t recommend it for the stairs, hall or landing as the thickness may cause difficulties when installing. For these areas, we recommend a thickness under 9mm. Take a look at the bottom of the page for our best recommendations for the stairs.  

How will the Tredaire Colours Red help with Insulation? 

The Tredaire Colours Red has a warmth rating of 1.65. Along with the other outstanding qualities of this underlay, this is an added benefit that will make a big difference in your home. 

This allows the product to insulate heat and help keep it in the room, rather than it rapidly escaping through the floorboards. Although 1.65 isn’t one of the highest tog ratings you will find on the market, it will still help prevent heat loss and save money on energy bills. 

Installing thick and warm underlay is a very simple way to create a cosier environment in your home, which is what many customers are looking for especially during Winter.  

Tredaire Colours Red Sound Reduction properties 

This carpet underlay has an outstanding sound reduction rating of 46db. This is one of the best sound reduction underlays you will find on the market. 

Underlay is designed to reduce sounds such as walking, jumping, running or dropping objects. When installing a product with a sound reduction rating as high as this, you will notice a huge difference in your home. 

Sound reduction underlay is perfect if you : 

  • Want to reduce the sound of children running around upstairs 
  • Live in an apartment and want to be considerate of those who live below 
  • Are a landlord and want to improve your tenants living experience 
  • Have a busy household and are looking for some peace and quiet 

We have so many customers wanting to reduce the sound of foot steps in their home, and the Tredaire Colours Red is the product we always recommend. Installing this type of underlay is such a simple way to reduce the sound in your home.

How it feels: Quality vs Value 

If you have invested in high quality carpet, a high-quality underlay is essential for maintaining the new condition of it and increasing the longevity. 

Or, even if you have invested in a more affordable carpet, underlay is a simple way to greatly prolong the life of your flooring. This will save you money in the long run as it won’t need replacing as often. 

The premium quality of the Tredaire Colours Red is undeniable, and it is favoured for the outstanding protection it offers. 

Offering maximum comfort and protection, it is a fantastic long-term investment for your home. This product stands out from the rest for this very reason, as it is rare to find a product that is so dense yet still so comfortable. This is down to the high-quality manufacturing and materials that go into the Tredaire Colours Red, which explains the slightly higher price tag.   

What’s the Tredaire Colours Red made of and who makes it? 

The Tredaire Colours Red is made from top quality sponge rubber, which is rubber that is manufactured into a sponge like construction. This is a favourite for underlay as it benefits from the durability of rubber as well as the flexibility and comfort of sponge.  

There are many benefits to using sponge rubber for underlay, with the first and foremost being the protection it offers your carpet. It is an incredibly durable material that will protect your carpet from wear and tear and increase the longevity. 

Sponge rubber is also favoured for having excellent sound reduction properties, which is clear in this product as it has an outstanding 46db rating. 

Many customers also invest in this material for environmental reasons as it is made from recycled tyres, which is much better than using brand new manufactured materials. 

This product is manufactured by Interfloor, who have been creating premium and innovative underlay designs since the 1940s. They are currently the largest underlay manufacturer in Europe, which is no surprise as their products are such high quality. 

Interfloor is a brand you can continuously rely on for high quality manufacturing and materials, which is why we are proud to supply their products at Underlay4U. 


Additional information

Weight N/A
Sound Reduction

Very High




Off Stairs, Heavy Use


0.5 Rolls (5.5m2), 1 Roll (11m2), 1.5 Rolls (16.5 m2), 2 Rolls (22 m2), 2.5 Rolls (27.5 m2), 3 Rolls (33 m2), 3.5 Rolls (38.5 m2), 4 Rolls (44 m2), 4.5 Rolls (49.5 m2), 5 Rolls (55 m2), 5.5 Rolls (60.5 m2), 6 Rolls (66 m2), 6.5 Rolls (71.5 m2), 7 Rolls (77 m2), 7.5 Rolls (82.5 m2), 8 Rolls (88 m2), 8.5 Rolls (93.5 m2), 9 Rolls (99 m2), 9.5 Rolls (9.5 m2), 10 Rolls (110 m2)