Tredaire Brio 8mm Carpet Underlay


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Tredaire Brio 8mm Foam Carpet Underlay

Roll Size: 15m2
Thickness: 8mm
Dimensions: 1.37m x 11m
Tog Rating: 2.18tog
Noise Reduction: 32db


Recommended Rooms

The Tredaire Brio Carpet underlay is an underlay that can be fitted under carpets in the bedrooms. Lounge, study.


Great Sound Proofing from noise upstairs

For an 8mm underlay the Brio has a high noise reduction of 32db, brilliant for the noisy ones amongst you!


Why use Tredaire Brio Carpet Underlay

Tredaire Brio carpet underlay is classed as a medium / soft underlay, The Underlay is made from PU Foam meaning it is light in weight and easily manageable.

With its tog rating and acoustic noise reduction, this is the underlay for you if you want to keep the warmth in and the noise down.

The lounge and bedrooms are not high trafficked areas so this underlay will keep that luxurious feel when you get out of bed and step onto carpet and underlay that feels soft and kind to your feet ready to start the day or walking in after a hard days work , slipping off your shoes and feel your feet relax with the a soft carpet and underlay underneath you.


The Brio underlay is a perfect underlay if you have chosen a thick carpet and don’t want to cut your doors,  for an 8mm underlay this underlay still has good properties.


Can Tredaire Brio be used on stairs or other rooms than lounge and bedrooms?

The Brio can be used for the stairs as it is a 8mm underlay. If you are looking for an underlay with high density for this area then the Tredaire Softwalk 9mm or the Carpenters Ultrastep 9mm will be more beneficial to your carpet.

The manufacturer Tredaire is a leading brand in the underlay industry, Brio is a great addition from the Seventh Heaven range.

With Total Confidence Tredaire Brio is a luxurious underlay that benefits your carpet.

Underlay guarantees your carpet will last longer and stay in better condition.


Related products for bedrooms and lounge


If you wish for your underlay to feel firmer underneath then a denser product would be more suitable to you.  Tredaire Sensation 8mm a higher density and is classed as a medium feel underlay. The heat insulation is 2.89, the sound proofing is 43db.

For those who require a thinner underlay the Cloud 9 Cirrus 9mm underlay is a that has a medium feel comfort. The Tog rating is 2.6 and the noise reduction is 39db. This underlay again is PU foam making it lighter in weight and easier to handle.

Pu foam underlays are cheaper than the conventional rubber underlays due to the material they are made from. People tend to buy PU underlay due to environmental reasons and the added extra that the weight is lighter.