Super SRF 11mm Carpet Underlay


Manufacturer Carpenter
Noise Reduction 36 db
Tog Rating Medium






Thickness: 11mm
Warmth: 2.3 tog
Noise Reduction: 34db
Roll Size: 15m2 (11m x 1.37m)


How thick, how dense and which room is Combination SRF Carpet Underlay 11mm for?

The Combination SRF Underlay is 11mm thick so it provides a strong barrier between the carpet and the subfloor.

Despite being relatively thick, it is still suitable for the stairs as well as other areas of the home such as the bedroom and living room. This is because it combines the comfort of felt with the resilience of rubber.

Because the Combination SRF 11mm is so durable, it’s also recommended for heavy contract use. It’s a great choice for office blocks, hotels and other public spaces.


How insulated is Combination SRF Carpet Underlay 11mm?

With a 2.3 tog rating, it’s guaranteed to keep your home feeling that little bit warmer during the winter months.

As well as helping to retain heat, it also acts as a barrier to cold air coming up through the floor. It can make a huge difference to draughty floorboards or a cold concrete subfloor.


Combination SRF Carpet Underlay 11mm Sound Reduction Properties

The Combination SRF Carpet Underlay has a good noise reduction rating of 34db.

Carpet underlay is best at reducing impact noise which is the noise of footsteps. This can make a very noticeable difference when used in upstairs bedrooms or on the stairs where the sound of footsteps can be an annoyance.

It’s also a great choice for multi-level buildings such as office blocks, hotels and flats.


How it feels: Quality vs Value

With the Combination SRF 11mm, you get the warmth and comfort of felt and the durability of rubber. Together, they create something which is not only extremely durable but also provides fantastic heat insulation and impact noise reduction.

If you are looking for a single product to use throughout your entire home, the Combination SRF is a great choice.

As the Combination SRF 11mm has such a unique set of qualities and is suitable for the whole home, we would say it provides fantastic value.


What’s Combination SRF Carpet Underlay 11mm made from and who makes it

It is made up of felt and rubber crumb. The felt provides a soft, warm top layer whilst the rubber below adds resilience.

The felt part is made from raw materials that include jute, hair and even vegetable fibres plus a small amount of manmade materials.

The rubber crumb creates a strong barrier against the subfloor which prevents the carpet eroding.

The crumb rubber is made from old car tyres which explains why the SRF Combination is so durable. Not only is it good for your carpet but it’s great for the environment too.

The Combination SRF Carpet Underlay is manufactured by Ratcliffe’s who are based in the North West of England. Ratcliffe’s specialise in felt and make some of our other fantastic felt products.


Similar products

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A similar product to the Combination SRF is the Lion 50 Felt 10mm which is also made by Ratcliffe’s. Like the Combination SRF 11mm, Lion 50 is highly durable but it is made entirely from wool felt.


Underlay for other needs

If you are looking for something with a more luxurious feel for the bedroom or the living room, PU foam might be a better choice than the felt and rubber combination.

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A fantastic economic choice is our own brand Thick 12mm Carpet Underlay. This will provide you with that cushion-like feeling which is perfect for low traffic rooms like the bedroom where comfort is key.

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