Mohawk Smartcushion 11mm Carpet Underlay


Manufacturer Carpenter
Noise Reduction 54 db
Tog Rating Very High


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Mohawk SmartCushion 11mm Carpet Underlay.


Thickness: 11mm
Warmth: Medium/High tog rating tog
Noise Reduction: 54db
Roll Size: 16.72m2


How thick, how dense and which rooms is the Mohawk SmartCushion 11mm Carpet Underlay for?

The Mohawk SmartCushion Underlay is 11mm thick making it one of the most cushioning products on the market.

Because it is thick, it’s fantastic at prolonging the life of the carpet as it minimises the contact between the carpet and the subfloor.

It also helps to prevent the carpet pile compressing beneath furniture and in high traffic areas because the underlay absorbs a lot of the weight.

A soft, cushioning product like Mohawk SmartCushion is perfect for the bedroom or living room where you want that luxurious feeling underfoot.

However, because it is thick it wouldn’t be suitable for use on the stairs. A better option for the stairs would be the Tredaire Softwalk 9mm.


How will the Mohawk Smart Cushion Underlay help with insulation?

With a medium/high tog rating, the SmartCushion provides a good level of insulation that will keep your home warmer during the winter months.

If you lay the Mohawk SmartCushion over draughty floor boards or over a cold concrete subfloor, it will help to prevent the cold from penetrating through the carpet and into the room.

It will also act as a barrier to prevent heat loss through the floor.

Mohawk Smart Cushion 11mm Underlay  Sound Reduction Properties

The Mohawk SmartCushion 11mm is one of the absolute best products for sound reduction.

With a high rating of 54db, it does a great job at reducing the impact noise of foot steps which can make a fantastic difference when used in an upstairs room or flat.

It’s a great choice for children’s bedrooms or playrooms which can be notoriously noisy.


How it feels: Quality vs Value

The Mohawk 11mm Underlay has several standout qualities that are unlike many others on the market so although it is more expensive, it’s great value for the benefits you receive.

As well being a great sound and heat insulator, it also has a spill safe moisture guard that prevents stains and spills from seeping into the cushioning. This makes cleaning up any messes from pets, children or parties a ‘once and only’ process.

It is also hypo-allergenic which is resistant to mould, mildew and fungus so it is likely to have a longer lifespan than other similar products.


What is Mohawk SmartCushion Underlay made of and who makes it?


It is made by Mohawk Flooring who have been established since 1878. Their award-winning products have been revolutionary in the flooring industry so we are extremely proud to stock some of their range.

It isn’t surprising to hear that the Smart Cushion Underlay is made from the same visco-elastic material you’d find in memory foam mattresses when you feel how soft it is underfoot.

The visco-elastic material is naturally hypo-allergenic so it is resistant to mould, mildew and fungus which is great for allergy suffers.


Similar Products

Underlay4U Thick 12mm Carpet Underlay

A cheaper alternative to the Mohawk SmartCushion Underlay would be our own brand Thick 12mm Carpet Underlay.

This is the thickest product you can use beneath carpets so it’s guaranteed to give you that super soft, cushion-like feel underfoot. We would only recommend this to be used in rooms like the bedroom and living room.


Underlay for Other Needs

We wouldn’t recommend the Mohawk SmartCushion Underlay for the stairs.

Instead use either the 9mm Magic Carpet or the Tredaire Softwalk 9mm. Both of these are more durable so they are suitable for a high traffic area like the stairs.

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16m2 Rolls

0.5 Roll (8 m2), 1 Roll (16m2), 1.5 Rolls (24 m2), 2 Rolls (32 m2), 2.5 Rolls (40 m2), 3 Rolls (48 m2), 3.5 Rolls (56 m2), 4 Rolls (64 m2), 4.5 Rolls (72 m2), 5 Rolls (80 m2), 5.5 Rolls (88 m2), 6 Rolls (96 m2), 6.5 Rolls (104 m2)



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