Carpenter Extra Step 6mm Carpet Underlay


Manufacturer Carpenter
Noise Reduction 33 db
Tog Rating 1.5


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Thickness: 6mm
Warmth: 1.5 tog
Noise Reduction: 33db
Density: 180 kg/m3
Roll Size: 15m2 (11m x 1.37m)


How thick, how dense and which rooms is the Extra Step Heavy Duty Contract 6mm Underlay for?

The Extra Step Heavy Duty Contract Underlay is 6mm and very dense (180kg/m3) so it’s best suited for contract locations where durability is the priority.

It is suitable for the European domestic market where thinner, denser products are required and it also conforms to the International Maritime Organisation’s standards.

Extra Step can be used throughout a building, including the stairs, so it’s a great economic choice.

If you are looking for a domestic product with a softer feel, we wouldn’t recommend this heavy duty option. Instead go for something like Carpenter’s DeepStep 11mm.


How insulated is the Extra Step 9mm Carpet Underlay?

The Extra Step 9mm has a tog rating of 1.5. For a product that’s 6mm thick this is a great rating and will certainly help to retain warmth.

As well as helping to retain warmth, the Ultra Step 9mm can also act as a barrier against cold air coming up through draughty floorboards and it can also prevent the chill of a concrete subfloor coming through the carpet above.


Extra Step Heavy Duty Contract 6mm Underlay Sound Reduction Properties

With a rating of 33db, the Extra Step 6mm offers good impact noise reduction. This would considerably reduce the noise of footsteps which can be especially important in multi-level buildings such as hotels and office blocks.

It’s also a good choice for stairways and corridors in flats as it will help to keep the noise of residents coming and going to a minimum.


How it feels: Quality vs Value

The Extra Step Heavy Duty 6mm is fantastic value for an extremely durable underlay which is guaranteed to prolong the life of any carpet in even the most high traffic areas.

As well as being one of the most heavy duty products on the market, it also boasts good sound reduction and heat insulation properties.


What is Extra Step Heavy Duty Contract 6mm Underlay made from and who makes it?

The Extra Step Heavy Duty Contract 6mm is made from PU Foam. This is a recycled material so it’s a good environmental choice and it’s also quicker to manufacturer than raw materials which is why it is priced so well.

Polyurethane foam is a great choice because they are much lighter to lift and they are easier to cut than other materials such as rubber and felt.

Carpenter make the Extra Step 6mm in their factories here in the UK. Carpenter are the world’s largest underlay manufacturer specialising in lightweight, PU foam products.


Similar Products

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An alternative to the Extra Step Heavy Duty is the Lion 50 Carpet Felt 10mm Underlay. Like Extra Step, the Lion 50 is highly durable and very dense but it is considerably thicker (10mm).

The Lion 50 Carpet Felt 10mm is a good choice for public spaces because it is naturally fire retardant (tested according to the BS5808: 1991 Specification for Underlays for Textile Floor Covering).

Underlay for other needs

9mm Magic Carpet Underlay

If you are looking for a durable product for domestic use, we recommend the 9mm Magic Carpet Underlay. It is slightly thicker so it will provide an extra level of comfort whilst also being durable enough to cope with the high traffic areas of your home.

Carpenter Rich Step 9mm Underlay

Another option for domestic use would be the Carpenters Rich Step It has a softer feel than Extra Step yet it can be used on the stairs and in the hall way.

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