Duralay King Underfloor Heating Underlay


Manufacturer Carpenter
Noise Reduction 42 db
Tog Rating 0.8


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Low TOG Duralay King underlay for Underfloor heating

Thickness: 8.3mm
Warmth Rating: 0.8 tog
Noise Reduction: 42db
Density: 510Kg/m3
Roll Size: 10.96m² (1.33m x 8.24m)



How thick, How Dense & Which rooms is the Duralay King for?

The Duralay King is an 8.3mm thick carpet underlay. The thickness is slightly lower than our other products, which allows it to have a very low tog rating, although this is still a good thickness that will provide extra comfort to your flooring.

This thickness will also contribute to protecting your new underfloor heating installation and your carpet. It does this by absorbing the shock from foot traffic, rather than it being absorbed by the carpet which would cause premature damage. This keeps your floor in great condition and maintains its quality.

The density of this product is 510Kg/m3, which is one of the densest that you will find on the market. This is a huge benefit of this product as it does an outstanding job of providing cushioning and protecting your flooring. The high density will effectively absorb shock from foot traffic which will prolong the life of your carpet.

This carpet underlay is best suited to any areas that have underfloor heating installed. This could be areas of relaxation such as the bedroom, living room or dining room, or even the stairs, hall and landing. The 8.3mm thickness makes this an ideal option for the stairs as it is very easy to cut and fit around the complex structure of stairs.

The 42db sound reduction makes this a perfect product for rooms that are upstairs such as a bedroom or office. This is because it will reduce the sound from travelling downstairs through the floor.



How will the Duralay King help with Underfloor Heating?

The Duralay King is actually designed to conduct heat, as opposed to insulate it. So, it has a very low tog rating of 0.8. This is what makes the product so popular, as it’s exactly what is needed for underfloor heating.

A higher tog would be unsuitable as the heat needs to travel through the underlay, and anything above 1 would insulate the heat and prevent it from getting through the floor.

A tog that is just under 1 is ideal for underfloor heating as it allows the heat to easily pass through to your carpet, creating a warm and cosy environment.

Underfloor heating is a big investment for your home, so it is vital you make sure to find a complementing underlay. A product with the wrong tog could prevent you from feeling the benefits of your new installation which wouldn’t allow you to make the most of your investment.


Duralay King Sound Reduction properties

The Duralay King has a sound reduction rating of 42db. Although this may not be quite as high as other products such as the 46db rating of the Tredaire Colours Red, it is still a high rating that offers fantastic sound reduction properties.

For low tog underfloor heating underlays, this offers the best sound reduction on the market today.

When we are talking about underlay reducing sounds, we are referring to noise such as footsteps, walking, running, jumping or dropping objects. A lot of customers that have busy households ask us how they can create some peace and quiet, and underlay is such a simple way to do this.

If you have a busy home with people coming in and out or children that jump around in their bedroom, sound reduction underlay is the ideal investment to reduce the noise coming from upstairs.

The 42db rating of this product is very high and you will notice a big difference in your home after installing this underlay.


How it feels: Quality vs Value

The quality of the Duralay King underlay is undeniable, and it is certainly a worthwhile investment for your underfloor heating.

It is a slightly bigger investment than some of our other underlays, but the premium quality of this product is required for an expensive asset such as underfloor heating.

The density and sound reduction are the best you will find on the market for this type of underlay and it is a long-time favourite for customers. When this product arrives, you will immediately notice the density and quality of the material as it has been specially designed to protect and work with underfloor heating.

To save money in the long run, this is a fantastic investment that will prolong the life of your carpet and help protect your underfloor heating system.


What’s the Duralay King made of and who makes it?

The Duralay King is made from high quality sponge rubber, which is rubber that has been manufactured into a sponge like material. This is beneficial for underlay as you receive the durability of rubber as well as the flexibility and comfort of sponge.

Other than its outstanding durability, sponge rubber is also favoured for its excellent sound reduction properties. This is evident in the Duralay King as it has a fantastic sound reduction rating of 42db.

Another factor that contributes to its popularity is that the material is made out of recycled tyres, which is much better for the environment than manufacturing brand new materials.

Sponge rubber has been used as underlay for many years and will be for many to come as it does such a fantastic job of protecting carpet.

The Duralay King is manufactured by Interfloor, which is Europe’s largest manufacturer of carpet underlay and accessories. They began making the first underlays in the 1940s and have been developing unique and innovative products ever since. They take ethical and environmental considerations very seriously and work towards making products that benefit everyone.

Below you can see Interfloor’s rating for the Duralay King, with 6 being the highest score.


Additional information

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Sound Reduction



Very Low


Underfloor Heating


0.5 Rolls (5.5m2), 1 Roll (11m2), 1.5 Rolls (16.5 m2), 2 Rolls (22 m2), 2.5 Rolls (27.5 m2), 3 Rolls (33 m2), 3.5 Rolls (38.5 m2), 4 Rolls (44 m2), 4.5 Rolls (49.5 m2), 5 Rolls (55 m2), 5.5 Rolls (60.5 m2), 6 Rolls (66 m2), 6.5 Rolls (71.5 m2), 7 Rolls (77 m2), 7.5 Rolls (82.5 m2), 8 Rolls (88 m2), 8.5 Rolls (93.5 m2), 9 Rolls (99 m2), 9.5 Rolls (9.5 m2), 10 Rolls (110 m2)