Cloud 9 Cumulus 11mm Carpet Underlay


Our smart choice alternatives to the Cloud 9 Cumulus are the Deep Step 11mm, which has a higher density for a lower cost, or the Midas 10mm

Manufacturer Ball & Young
Noise Reduction 43 db
Tog Rating 3.1


Committed to using top British manufacturers


Cheapest Cloud 9 Cumulus 11mm Thick Carpet Underlay Rolls Made in the UK

Thickness:                     11mm
Warmth Rating:             3.1 tog

Noise reduction:        43db

Roll size:                       15m2
Density:                         100 kg/m3
Roll Dimension:           15m2 (11m x 1.37m)


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More Information

How thick, How Dense & Which rooms is the Cloud 9 Cumulus for?

The Cloud 9 Cumulus is an 11mm thick underlay. The thickness is designed to help cushion your new flooring between the carpet and the subfloor. It also prolongs the life of the carpet significantly.

The density is approximately 100 kg/m3 that’s a medium density when compared to other products. It’s also slightly less than the Tredaire Dreamwalk, which is 110kg/m3. The medium density means it will be slightly easier to cut, handle and fit than other, higher density products.

The Cumulus can be used anywhere in the domestic home, but is generally recommended for any room of relaxation. This might include the lounge, dining areas, bedrooms, study, play rooms etc.

Can Cloud 9 be used on the stairs?

We don’t recommend using this on the stairs, but the Cirrus would be a better choice. Partly because you would want a higher density product for the foot traffic and the thickness can make it harder to get a clean finish.

That also means you may need to avoid using it on the hall and landing because here you want to use the same product as the stairs.

The Cloud 9 Cumulus is loved by many trades people for it’s great durability, high-resistance levels and bounce-back characteristics. That’s what makes it one of our best sellers for lounges and bedrooms.


How will the Cloud 9 Cumulus help with Insulation?

The Cumulus is classed as a luxury carpet underlay. And the tog rating offers one of the highest on the market at 3.1.

That means, the thermal properties will give you great benefits when laying it in any room. Even more so, when laying it on a concrete floor in a naturally cold room.

Can the Cloud 9 Cumulus be used with underfloor heating?

Please note that when choosing a product with high tog rating, you can’t use it with underfloor heating because you need it to conduct the heat. So, because of the high tog rating, that means this product isn’t suitable for underfloor heating. Read our post Best underlay for underfloor heating.


Cloud 9 Cumulus Sound Reduction properties

The Cloud 9 Cumulus has an excellent sound reduction rating of 43db. Having a high sound reduction means that the impact of thudding and stomping will be significantly reduced throughout the home.

The sound reduction rating isn’t quite as high as the Tredaire Colours Red though, which is often bought to reduce noise between apartments and between upper or lower floors.


How it feels: Quality vs Value

Many people wonder if they really need underlay or want to spend as little as possible. However, if you were to fit a carpet without it, you probably wouldn’t want to take your shoes off when walking around your home.

The Cloud 9 Cumulus offers great value for money if you’re looking for something that has a nice thickness, offers great warmth during the winter and provides high impact sound reduction.

Many of our customers have been ordering Cloud 9 for years and the manufacturers Ball & Young (see more below) certainly have a reputation that most flooring companies just can’t match.

While the Tredaire Dreamwalk does have very slightly better technical specifications, it’s quite clear that many people swear by the Cloud 9 brand and the wider Ball & Young product range.

Have you chosen a more expensive carpet?

If so, this is the underlay for you. Why? Because by spending a bit more on underlay, you will prolong the life of your carpet by quite a few years.

What’s more, if you don’t like marks in the carpet from heavy furniture such as sofas and tables, then this is the one to choose.


What’s the Cloud 9 Cumulus made of and who makes it?

It is constructed using PU Foam, which is much lighter than any of the underlays that are made from recycled rubber. The PU foam construction means that when you’re doing a DIY job, you will find it easier to handle, cut and fit.

PU Foam also offers excellent bounce back characteristics, so you don’t need to worry when moving around heavy furniture.

The Cumulus is a recycled product, meaning the economic impact is reduced significantly when choosing to use it in your home.

Ball & Young are the manufacturers and the have been delivering first class products to the market since underlay was first becoming a popular investment into the home.

Further, this product is guaranteed by the manufacturers for the serviceable lifetime of the carpet. And Underlay4u keeps that promise to you, the customer, too.

PU Foam is by far the most popular choice of underlay type. Mainly because they are much more lightweight and very easy to fit.


Similar Products

Tredaire Dreamwalk

The Tredaire Dreamwalk is also an 11mm thick underlay and has very similar specifications. It is also recommended as a luxury, comfort product

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Underlay4u 12mm

The Underlay4u 12mm ins an extra thick underlay and comes at a fantastic price. It’s another best seller when you want a nice feel around your home.

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Underlay for other needs

Many people wonder:

“is 9mm or 11mm underlay better?”

Often it depends where you’re placing your new carpet. If you’re refreshing the stairs, then you would probably choose 9mm so you can get a clean finish over the steps. So, here’s a couple of options for the stairs, which are 9mm.


Cloud 9 Cirrus

The Cirrus is also manufactured by Ball & Young and comes with a much greater density of 116kg/m3. It’s also 9mm thick so you can lay it over the stairs with confidence.

Read more about the Cirrus 9mm


Tredaire Softwalk

The Tredaire Softwalk is often used as an all-round product which has a high density, nice thickness and a good comfort rating. It means you can have the same fit throughout the home.

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