Cloud 9 Cirrus 9mm Carpet Underlay


Manufacturer Ball & Young
Noise Reduction 39 db
Tog Rating 2.6


Committed to using top British manufacturers




Thickness:                        9mm
Warmth Rating:                2.6 tog
Density:                            116kg/m3
Roll Size:                          15m2 (11m x 1.37m)


How thick, How Dense & Which rooms is the Cloud 9 Cirrus for?

The Cloud 9 Cirrus is a 9mm thick carpet underlay. It provides firm cushioning between the carpet and your subfloor, which prolongs the life of your carpet and protects it against damage from high foot fall.

The density of this product is around 116kg/m3, which is quite a high density that will provide a lot of support. This high density will also do a fantastic job of absorbing shock from foot traffic and protecting your carpet.

This is particularly suited to large households where there is high foot fall throughout the rooms.

Which rooms can I use the Cloud 9 Cirrus in?

The Cloud 9 Cirrus is recommended for the stairs, hall and landing due to the 9mm thickness and high density. The thickness gives this underlay more flexible qualities and allows for easy cutting and fitting on the stairs.

The ability to absorb foot traffic is vital for the stairs as it receives the most concentrated foot fall.

If you are looking for one underlay to use throughout the whole house, then the Cloud 9 Cirrus can work as an all-rounder. Although it doesn’t have the same comfort of the Underlay4U 12mm, it will still provide a good level of cushioning underneath your carpet.

This product is designed for domestic and light contract use and is favoured for its versatility.


How will the Cloud 9 Cirrus help with Insulation?

The Cloud 9 Cirrus has a tog rating of 2.6, which offers excellent warmth for the home. This is ideal for rooms that have a cold sub floor, such as concrete, or wooden floorboards that may let through a draft.

This product will provide excellent insulation and keep hot air in the room and help prevent it from escaping through the floor. Many of our customers opt for a higher tog rating for areas of relaxation such as the living room, dining room or bedroom.

There are products available with higher tog ratings, so if warmth is particularly important to you, please see the alternative products below.

Can the Cloud 9 Cirrus be used with underfloor heating?

Due to the high tog rating, this product is not suitable for underfloor heating. A very low tog rating is required for underfloor heating, as the heat needs to easily conduct through the underlay.

Read our best underlay for underfloor heating post for product recommendations.


Cloud 9 Cirrus Sound Reduction properties

The Cloud 9 Cirrus offers good sound reduction properties with a rating of 39db.

Underlay is designed to reduce impact noise, which is not to be confused with airborne noise. Impact noise includes sounds such as walking, running, dropping objects or jumping. Airborne noise includes sounds such as the television, outside transport, animals or shouting.

The Cloud 9 Cirrus doesn’t offer the highest sound reduction on the market, which makes it ideal for domestic use and families that want to reduce the noise of footsteps.


How it feels: Quality vs Value

The Cloud 9 Cirrus offers great value for money when considering all the outstanding features you receive. This investment will save you money in the long run as it greatly prolongs the life of expensive carpet.

While there are cheaper products available with similar specifications, the Cloud 9 brand is renowned for being one of the best on the market.

A good quality underlay is an essential part of renovating your home. Not only does it provide soft comfort for walking with and without shoes on, but it also makes sure your carpet is thoroughly protected against wear and tear from high foot traffic.

The thickness, warmth and density of this carpet underlay, along with the Cloud 9 brand, makes it a favourite amongst many for the stairs, hall and landing.


What’s the Cloud 9 Cirrus made of and who makes it?

The Cloud 9 Cirrus is made from high quality PU foam, which is an incredibly popular material for underlay due to its lightweight qualities.

PU foam has a unique construction which offers excellent bounce back characteristics, which is ideal for those who have heavy furniture in their homes. PU foam is also popular for its positive environmental impact, as it is made from 100% recycled materials.

The durability, ease of use and reliability of PU foam makes it a fantastic investment for domestic and light contract use.

Read our guide to PU foam underlay for more benefits and product recommendations.

This product is manufactured by Ball & Young who produce award winning underlay. They also produce all of their products right here in the UK with only the highest quality materials.

Ball & Young, the company who manufactures all Cloud 9 products, produces reliable goods that have an innovative combination of luxury and practicality.


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On Stairs, Heavy Use

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