Tredaire Softwalk 9mm Carpet Underlay


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Thickness:                          9mm
Warmth Rating:                2.69 tog
Noise Reduction:              41 db
Density:                              110 kg/m3
Roll Size:                             15m2 (1.37m x 11m)

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How thick, How Dense & Which rooms is the Tredaire Softwalk for?

The Tredaire Softwalk is a 9mm medium-thickness underlay. The thickness is designed to help cushion the flooring, while still being able to fit around steps and raises in the floor. It also makes it easy to cut and fit.

The density is approximately 110kg/m3, which is a medium density when compared against other products. This is the lowest you would want to go, in terms of density, for fitting on the stairs. That’s because the density is designed to take the foot traffic.

These properties make the Softwalk suitable for any room in the home. And actually, a great compromise as an all-round underlay, if you want the same product in the lounge, bedroom as well as the hall, stairs and landing etc.

However, if you have a big family living in your house, you may want to choose a higher density product. See the similar products at the bottom of this page.

Note, it’s not normally recommended to use the same underlay in every area of the home because of the different benefits you get with each. See the products for other needs at the bottom of this page too.

The 9mm thickness and medium density of the Softwalk makes it a best seller for anyone wanting the same underlay in every room in the house.


How will Tredaire Softwalk help with Insulation?

As a luxury underlay, the Softwalk offers great comfort and great warmth when laying in bedrooms, lounges and other areas of relaxation.

It provides a medium-high tog rating of 2.69 tog. It’s therefore not the best option on the market for laying in really cold rooms but will still offer a nice degree of warmth & insulation. The Softwalk has the best tog rating of all the 9mm underlays available today.

The 9mm thickness and tog rating together, offers a warmer feel to the room. However, you are likely to get slightly more warmth from an 11mm or 12mm thick underlay, if warmth is most important to you. See our similar products at the bottom of this page.

Note, the high tog rating also means this product isn’t suitable for underfloor heating.


Tredaire Softwalk Sound Reduction properties

The sound reduction properties of this underlay are rated at 41 db. That means it offers a high degree of impact sound reduction. Only 2 db less than the 11mm Dreamwalk.

It has the best sound reduction rating out of all the 9mm underlays. Please note, this is usually measure by weighted reduction of impact noise, such as thudding and stomping.

So, it will help reduce the noise coming through the floor boards from the master bedroom or even the children’s bedrooms.


How it feels: Quality vs Value

The Tredaire Softwalk offers a great all-round option at a brilliant price. It also comes from a top manufacturer (more on this below).

It has some of the highest rated technical properties for such a versatile product, that can be laid in any room without problems.

With a soft-medium underfoot feel, this carpet underlay is a perfect solution for any home. Comfort, warmth and noise reduction are important to most homes. This underlay offers all of those, along with great durability.

Just like the 11mm Tredaire underlays, this is also a great choice for laying in nursery’s or children’s bedrooms.

If you’re still not sure which one is best for you, and price is a key factor, see the similar products at the bottom of this page.

In terms of value for money, there are cheaper options available, however they may not offer the same thickness, warmth or sound reduction. So, decide what’s important to you, take a look at our alternative products before making your final decision.


What’s Tredaire Softwalk made of and who makes it?

This product is constructed using high quality PU Foam, which is much lighter than any of its rubber-made competitors.

Are you fitting the underlay yourself? If so, this would be a great choice. That’s because it’s thickness along with the easy handling of PU foam makes it easy to measure, cut & fit.

Stairs, steps and landing can often be the hardest part of the home for a DIY job. The PU Foam construction of the Softwalk makes that job much easier.

The Softwalk also offers excellent bounce back characteristics, so you can be confident when laying it in the dining room or lounge, where you might have heavy furniture.

Like all our underlay, the Tredaire Softwalk is made from recycled materials. It also comes with a full free guarantee that lasts for the lifetime of the carpet.


Our Tredaire Softwalk is manufactured right here in the UK.

Interfloor are the long-time manufacturers of Softwalk, which is part of the seventh heaven range of comfort flooring products. They have been a leading figure in the flooring industry since the 1940’s. They’re also one of Underlay4u’s largest supplier.

Interfloor have their own ratings on their website. A snapshot for the Softwalk is below. 6 is the highest rating they give.


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