Do you need underlay for Artificial Grass

Is artificial grass worth trying?

Why not try new artificial grass, no more lawn cutting, no more sad looking lawns. The lawn comes with a 9 year guarantee and is available 4 meters wide. It can be used in any of these locations: Gardens, Swimming pool surrounds, Patios and verandas, Balconies, Greenhouses, Terraces and roof gardens, Lounges, Houseboats and yachts and Caravans and mobile homes. Benefits Quick and Easy Installation, with a natural appearance, UV-resistant and extremely durable. So you can have a lush green garden all year round which feels like natural grass with minimal maintenance and withstands all weather conditions. We do recommend you call a professional to carry out the installation of the artificial grass, however understanding that you may wish to take on the project yourself, hope you find the following guidelines helpful. Before You Start When determining the length and width you will require, please allow some extra that will be lost during cutting. It is recommended to make a draft design and determine how the turf can be best applied; we would like to point out that the grass should be installed in the same direction, as the fibres of the grass tend to settle a little towards one direction. Remove all grass, vegetation and stone from the area, a proper drainage of the soil is essential. To install as a carpet: Roll out the grass in the same direction to be laid try and avoid any folds. Make sure the turf is completely level everywhere and leave enough time to acclimatise. Start by roughly cutting the outer edges, to do this, fold the turf over and carefully cut between the pile rows along the back using a sharp knife, trimming can be carried out at a later stage. Adjacent pieces are placed immediately next to each other or can be pushed close together. Fold the sides of the turf back and roll the adhesive tape between the two pieces of the turf. Trim the turf where necessary, remove all trimmings and loose piles and brush the pile into the desired position. Please note, these are only guidelines.