Best Time of Year to do a Home Renovation

Best Time to do a Home Renovation

Home renovations are one of the biggest, yet most rewarding tasks to take on and can add heaps of value to your current home.

There are many areas to look to when planning a renovation, but it can be challenging to know when is best to take on such a big task, and also to know when and where to start.

At Underlay4U, we’ve collated some of our best tips when it comes to renovating your home, and what time of year is best to begin.

Where to Start

It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to a home renovation, especially when you’re eager to get started with multiple rooms at once.

Ask yourself: What room will cause the most inconvenience? Which will be done the quickest? And most importantly – when is the best time for me to renovate my home?

The best way to go about starting your house renovation is creating a plan and make an order of which room you want to start with, and which will follow.

Seasonality can play a huge factor when it comes to home renovation, so keep reading to see what season is best to take on which home renovation task.

What is the Best Order to Renovate a House?

Each stage of a home renovation is different, meaning that there are times that are better than others to begin a renovation task.

This can be due to things such as weather, financial-savings, and time; so, the best way to conduct a successful renovation is having a plan.

With a whole room renovation, however, it’s better to have a clear plan of when you’re going to renovate.

Monthly Home Renovation Plan

Spring (February – May)

As spring is usually a season where money is tight, it’s a great time to start with some DIY projects you’ve been putting on the back burner.

The beginning of a new year can spark creativity, with simple jobs such as adding a fresh coat of paint and some new furnishings can bring a room to life.

Other home renovation tasks you can begin in the spring are any electrical work, or clear outs of specific rooms such as the garage, ready for bigger tasks, such as extensions, to be completed in the summer.

Summer (May – September)

With the on and off weather we experience over here in the UK, it can be hard to know when to take on the bigger renovation plans that will take more time.

That’s why the summer is usually your best bet for biggest home renovation jobs such as extensions, as we have a longer period of drier weather (although not always guaranteed!). Rain can hinder the process of an extension, as it makes it harder for bricks to set so it makes sense to get an extension planned in the summer.

A bathroom renovation is also great to do in the summer, as the drier weather and summer holiday period may mean it’s easier to cope without a bathroom. If you’ve got a holiday booked, consider looking into renovating your bathroom at this time so the inconvenience won’t affect you too much.

While it’s dry, this may be a good time to get started on a garden renovation. Garden renovations can add value and modernise your home, as it’s a desirable feature for buyers. The drier weather will mean it’s easier to get small garden jobs done whilst enjoying the sun at the same time.

Home Renovation Extension

Autumn (September – November)

Home renovation tasks for the autumnal months are similar to the summer, as they require reasonably dry weather. They tend to be a bit smaller, however, such as a kitchen renovation.

Renovating your kitchen may seem like a huge inconvenience, which inevitably it is, but it’s deciding the duration of time you want that inconvenience to be.

The most common entertaining months are usually summer and winter, so getting your kitchen scheduled in for early September means you can have a brand new kitchen ready for the holiday entertainment.

Another bonus for doing a kitchen renovation during autumn is contractors sometimes provide off-season discounts, as they are quieter during this time.

Other home renovation jobs to take on in autumn include new flooring.

Winter (November – February)

With the colder temperatures, winter can be a hard time to decide what to do when it comes to your home renovation plan.

It can be a good time to add in small extras like painting and new furnishings, similar to spring.

If you are considering adding any additional square foot to your home, the winter is a good time to get this done. The frostier conditions make it easier for the groundwork to be completed, with plants dying down and the cold weather helping to prevent foundation trenches from collapsing. CEMEX has great options when it comes to land protection.

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Using Underlay in your Home Renovation

Using the correct underlay in your home renovation is key, so it’s good to know which underlay goes in which area of your house.

High-Density Underlay – Higher density underlay is perfect for a stair renovation, as it protects your carpet and flooring as well as maintains the firmness throughout higher foot traffic.

Sound Reduction Underlay – Sound reduction underlay is great for keeping the noise to a minimum and keeps sound levels from travelling between floors. It’s commonly used within apartments to reduce sound travelling through the floor.

High Warmth Underlay – With a higher tog level, high warmth underlay is perfect for keeping a warm room and preventing that warm air from escaping. It’s the ideal underlay for a bedroom or lounge renovation.


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