Product: Tredaire Terra Firma

what us Tredaire Terra Firma 7mm and what does Underlay4u think about this product?

Tredaire Terra Firma is a 7mm high quality PU foam carpet underlay which Underlay4u highly recommends. 
This product can be used with the double stick fitting method as well as your normal gripper fitting.
The double stick method is where the underlay is first stuck to the floor and then the carpet or sisal or coir is stuck to the underlay giving it greater stability.
This method eliminates movement of the carpet.  Ideal for use with Crucial Trading or Natural flooring products and also recommended for all construct installations.
The Glue (laybond 47) is sold on our web site

Terra Firma underlay has a heavy contract classification therefore suitable for anywhere in the home.  The product is guaranteed for the serviceable lifetime of the carpet when used in recommended locations.

Now for the technical stuff:

Country of Manufacture: UK
Product description: High quality polyurethane rebond carpet underlay
Thermal  properties:   1.93 tog BS4745
Flammability: Passes 1MO resolution A653(16)
Flammability Test & MSC61(67) Smoke & Toxicity Test
Any further data is available by download on the details page (Product data sheet)