Tredaire Super Gold Carpet Underlay

Roll Size 15m2 (11m x 1.37m) 80lb Roll Weight

Tredaire Super Gold is a heavy quality rubber waffle underlay, this is the normal underlay that is typically offered from the high street, this carpet underlay can be used with confidence anywhere in the home.
Overall, the Super Gold underlay will give you a good under foot feel but at a great price from Tredaire.

By purchasing this carpet underlay not only will you be saving but you will be making a VERY wise choice.

Reccomended Areas of Use:

•All General Domestic Use Areas—Living Room, Dining Room, Hall, Stairs and Landings & Bedrooms etc.
• General Domestic Use
• Easy to lift handle
• Excellent Recovery Characteristics

This budget priced carpet underlay is suitable for anywhere in the home.  Tredaire Super Gold underlay is a heavy duty quality rubber waffle underlay that is the normal underlay you are typically offered in the high street measuring at 6mm thick (Approx). It has a golden brown colour with a stitched paper backing it's an ideal first time carpet underlay buy. With it weighing on 80lb per roll it’s very easy to lift and handle. As with all our underlays on underlay4u this is of great quality at a reasonable price.

  It would do best in a guest room or spare room for example, where the use isn’t that often and have the more luxurious carpet underlay in your main bedroom or lounge.  The Tredaire Super Gold carpet underlay would be ideal for a property developer who has a budget to stick to as it is a good all-rounder and can be used throughout.

>This heavy quality rubber carpet underlay is a bargain at just £2.10 sqm + Vat or £29.99 + Vat for a 15m2 Roll on the big carpet sheds equivalent underlay! It’s just too good to miss!! It can save you up to a MASSIVE £4.00 + Vat per sqm which is an excellent saving in the current climate.

It also has great recovery characteristics