Tredaire Contract 9 Foam Carpet Underlay

This 9mm Foam Underlay is a great addition from the Seventh Heaven range.  This underlay unlike alot of the foam underlays can be used for Heavy Contract Use as well as in the home AND it can be used in both the stretch fit and the double-stick applications.

The Contract 9 Foam Carpet Underlay is alot more dense and has a firmer feel under foot and would be an ideal addition to any room in the home especially those with high foot fall in them.

This underlay has a violet colour to it with a printed polyester backing, easy to use although slightly heavier than others.  This carpet underlay has one of the top Tog ratings in its grade of 2.37 Tog, so an excellent thermal retention if your home is quiet cold.  As for sound impact reduction well this will give you upto 39db.  Bear in mind that htis is a Weighted Impact Reduction NOT Sone which can mistaken for.  It meets all british standards ( See Attached PDF File Data Sheet).  With excellent recovery characteristics this underlay is a must.