Product: Tredaire Classic Gold

Thermal  properties:   1.08 tog BS4745

So what us Tredaire Classic Gold and what does Underlay4u think about this product?

Tredaire Classic Gold is a 8.1mm sponge rubber carpet underlay which is of a very high quality that is suitable for anywhere in the home with excellent recovery characteristics.
It is your typical rubber underlay.
It carries the same guarantee that all products sold by Underlay4u carry - guaranteed for the serviceable lifetime of the carpet when used in recommended locations

Classic Gold is a very affordable product and is recommended for general domestic use

Now for the technical stuff:

Country of Manufacture:   UK
Product description: Cellular sponge rubber carpet underlay which gives
Excellent performance 
Flammability Test : Hot metal nut test.
Low radius of effects of ignition BS4790 & BS5287

Any further data is available by download on the details page (Product data sheet)