Underlay4u 12mm Carpet Underlay


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Underlay4u Thick 12mm Underlay


Thickness:                       12mm
Warmth Rating:                2.96
Noise Reduction:             41db
Roll Size:                         15m2 (11m x 1.37m)

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How thick, How Dense & Which rooms is the Underlay4u 12mm for?

At 12mm thick, this is the thickest underlay you can buy for use with carpets. The extra thickness is designed to provide a lovely, comfort feel throughout your home. It also offers significant protection to the life of your carpet.

The density offers a medium-density, when compared against other products on the market. This means it will be easy to fit, cut and handle. It also means it has a softer feel to the more firm, higher density options.

It’s most suitable for areas of relaxation or comfort, such as living rooms, play rooms, bedrooms etc. That’s because it offers comfort and has good recovery characteristics.

However, you wouldn’t want to lay a carpet underlay this thick on the stairs, hall or landing because it will be very difficult to get over the steps. Therefore, the finish won’t be as nice as when using a thinner, high-density product.

Have a look at our ‘underlay for other needs’ at the bottom of this page to find out more about fitting in the different areas of your home.

Remember, choosing a thicker product does come with a warning. For example, make sure you have enough space between the doors and the floor to fit your carpet and underlay together.


How will the thick Underlay4u 12mm help with Insulation?

The 12mm has a high tog rating of 2.96. You can pay a bit more to get a slightly higher tog-rating, however the difference will only be slight.

The thickness and tog together, makes it a great choice for any homes that feel naturally cold or get cold in the winter. Particularly when laying it on concrete floors.

By laying this underlay, you may even save on your energy bills because the extra insulation will ensure less heat is lost through the floors.

Remember though, this product, because of its tog rating isn’t a good choice if you’re fitting underfloor heating.


Underlay4u 12mm Sound Reduction properties

This product has a sound reduction rating of 41db. While you can buy products with a higher sound reduction, you’ll find it difficult to find such a good rating at a lower price as the Underlay4u own brand range.

When compared to products like the Tredaire Dreamwalk, which has a 44db rating, it comes in slightly lower. However, you will still feel the reduction of impact noise when laying it in rooms where there may be a lot of stomping or thudding.

So, if you’re looking to lay it in an apartment or a room upstairs, this could prove to be a great option for you.

If sound reduction is your one and only concern, then check out the Tredaire Colours Red, which has the highest sound reduction rating on the market but is also one of the higher priced options.


How it feels: Quality vs Value

This is the best value product you can buy. It has all the technical specifications of the Tredaire Dreamwalk and Cloud 9 Cumulus. But is priced with a very favourable discount. That’s because it’s our own brand product, so we’re able to produce it in high quantities and pass on the savings to you.

You will certainly feel the difference in comfort when fitting a thicker underlay with your carpet.

The extra thickness will undoubtedly help prolong the life of your carpet

If you have spent a lot of money on a new carpet and want it to last, choosing your underlay becomes a very important decision. Choose this product to be sure that the lifetime of your carpet is increased.

On the other hand, even if you have chosen a budget carpet. Using good underlay is ever-more important so you don’t ruin the carpets too quickly.

The U4U carpet underlay makes the floor better to walk on, can stop drafts, can help with sound acoustic insulation and also save on your heating bills. It can even smooth out small imperfections in the subfloor.


What’s the Underlay4u 12mm made of and who makes it?

This 12mm is a PU Foam, general domestic quality underlay. PU carpet underlays are now the most popular for a few reasons. They are light weight and easy to handle. They are also made out of recycled materials and are therefore cheaper to produce. Keeping things green.

Many research hours have gone into the product to bring you a durable, luxury underlay for your living rooms, bedrooms and any area of comfort in your home.

Have you chosen a carpet that comes with a long-life guarantee? Then this is the best underlay for you because it is guaranteed, by us, for the lifetime of the carpet.

That means you are guaranteed to be able to keep the underlay longer than the carpet. Also, while not usually advised you could keep the underlay if you decide to change the carpet within that time frame.

We know how well made our Underlay4u products are because we have been manufacturing them for many years. We have even followed up with customers between 5 to 10 years later, to see what their thoughts were.

Their responses were interesting, here’s a couple:

“We expected to change our carpet after 5-7 years but it still goes strong. It must be a combination of the budget carpet and the Underlay4u brand”

“We know we bought it for a great price compare to a quote we received, so we didn’t expect the world. A few years on, we still don’t feel the need to change our carpets”

This is one of our best sellers out of all our products on the website.


Similar Products

There’s a couple of options for using different products and still achieving a high degree of comfort

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Cloud 9 Cumulus

Another branded product with high technical specifications and an 11mm thickness

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Underlay for other needs

The drawback of choosing a thicker one, like this, is that you can’t use it on the stairs because it won’t fold over. For the stairs, you need to choose:

Underlay4u Magic 9mm

The Magic 9mm is another own brand product and therefore comes at a great price. Usually recommended for the hall stairs and landing where there’s high foot traffic.

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Tredaire Softwalk  9mm

If you really use want the same product in all areas of your home, then this is a great all-rounder with a high density. It’s also nice and light because it is made of PU Foam, meaning it’s easy to handle over the stair tread and keeps durability in your carpet.

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