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  • How Choose the best Engineered Wood Flooring - How much does it cost to install

    When you’re decorating or renovating your home with wood floor, choosing the right products is a huge decision. With so many options on the market and thoughts on ‘what’s fashionable’ evolving all the time. How do you make the correct choice yourself? That’s where this article comes in. It’s super important that you read this before making your big decisions. This article will take you through the detailed insights when choosing engineered wood flooring. First, we look at what it is and how it compares to laminate. Then we take a dive into the potential costs and available materials/finishes. As well as showing you how your decision can impact the resale value of your home. Third, we explain the important decisions about when engineered wood flooring should and shouldn’t be used. At the end, we give you a few tips on fitting the same style of product in all your rooms and...

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