How to Add Value to Your Rental Property – Quick Fixes for your Buy-to-Let


Owning a Buy-to-Let (BTL) property doesn’t always provide you with the instant ‘armchair landlord’ lifestyle you’d hoped for. A number of things can be a barrier, including that seemingly never-ending period when tenants are moving out. A way around this is to ensure your property is the very best that it can be, so that existing tenants will want to stay as long as possible – and you’ll experience no difficulty attracting new ones.

Here we will go through a few quick fixes that will add value to your Buy to Let property:

Increase storage to keep tenants happy

If your property is essentially a few empty rooms, your tenants may find themselves outgrowing the space, and the idea of purchasing storage items can be off-putting to potential residents too. One idea is to place multi-functional storage units in the property.

You could also make use of the existing space. For example, if you have a chimney breast, each side can be used for shelving. Or a cupboard under the stairs could be transformed into a pantry. You could fix storage into underutilised places too, such as a bathroom cabinet above the sink.

Attract new tenants by modernising

Perhaps when thinking about adding storage, it might be a better idea to renovate an entire room instead. If it isn’t reflective of modern trends or there are issues with its fixtures, then you can bring it up to date and swap them for better quality, contemporary ones.

Doors and tiles can be replaced, or you can put in a power shower in the bathroom and purchase smart appliances for the kitchen. Tenants will be impressed and also like the fact that they will have a space that hasn’t been used by anyone else.

Create a luxury look and feel to increase rental value

Renovating will allow you to offer luxury, and there are a number of ways to provide a premium look and feel. You could hang up artwork, or use indulgent fabrics for curtains and other furnishings.

Carpet underlay also helps achieve a similarly luxurious effect. Its thickness gives a soft underfoot feel, and smoothes out any sub-floor imperfections. The carpet will retain its appearance by reducing flattening, so no dents will ruin its look.

Help keep tenant’s heating costs down

Even if a property looks fantastic, a low EPC rating can deter potential tenants. You can attract a wider pool by taking steps to increase this, such as by sealing areas of draughts around doors and windows.

Another idea is to install double glazed windows and put in underlay. The latter will allow you to improve the thermal insulation and warmth of the home, as it reduces the amount of heat lost via the flooring. It can also be used in conjunction with underfloor heating systems.

Soundproof your rental

Warmth is one key thing tenants stay for, and having peace and quiet is another. You can prepare the property by fixing any holes or cracks in walls, as well as soundproofing them, along with windows, ceilings and floors if necessary.

Floors can use thick carpet underlay to help reduce impact noise. Tredaire Colours Red is particularly great for soundproofing as it uses high-quality rubber material to ensure noise is kept to a minimum.

Reduce the wear and tear of the property

Good quality underlay isn’t just fantastic for soundproofing – it also absorbs the force of footfall, reducing wear so that flooring stays in great shape for longer. There are a variety of underlay choices available, but ones with a higher density and level of thickness will prolong the life cycle of your carpet the most.

Underlay4u provides carpet underlay that is not only the best quality, but is also affordable, so you can maximise the return of a BTL portfolio. With a property that is luxurious, warm and kept in good condition, you’ll find yourself more able to justify rental prices and attract a higher calibre of tenants.

If you have any questions about the underlay options to add value to your property, then feel free to contact us. You can also get answers to any questions in our FAQs, such as how our online ordering process works.