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  • Cloud 9 Underlay Reviews 9mm, 10mm, 11mm - Best UK prices

    This article will give you clear and thorough guidance into the different cloud 9 carpet underlay or laminate/ wood flooring options, that are currently available from Ball & Young manufacturers. Ball & Young is a company that’s dedicated to manufacturing their products in the UK. The foam underlay from Ball & Young is known to have good compression recovery properties and often a good degree of comfort depending which product you choose. Top products from Ball & Young... cloud 9 cumulus 11mm Cloud 9 Cirrus 9mm   Before looking at the full range of products, let’s take a look at the important specifications, how to choose the right Cloud 9 products and where to find the best prices. We’ll also address one of the most common questions – 9mm vs 11mm.   Important Cloud 9 specifications There’s a few specifications to look out for when choosing...

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  • Anti Slip or Cushioned Rug Underlay for Carpet and Laminate

    Can you use carpet underlay for a rug? There’s a lot of people wondering whether it’s good or bad to use underlay under a rug and if there are any benefits of doing so. The short answer is that many people have found good uses for carpet underlay beneath their rug, however a few important considerations need to be understood first. In this post we’re going to look at how to decide which is the best underlay for your rug and what to consider when making your buying decision. First, here’s the improvements that it can give your rug. Improved cushioning The first reason people add carpet underlay to their rug, is because it gives a nice cushioning. This is particularly true for hard floors, usually laminate or wood. By adding a rug with cushioning, they find it much more comfortable on the feet or for relaxing on.   Thickening up the rug Making the rug look thicker is also a...

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