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  • Best Thermal & Insulated Underlay for Carpet, Laminate & Wood Flooring

      Tog ratings are the most important factor for many customers who are looking to purchase an insulating underlay. A higher tog rating means that the underlay will do a better job at keeping a room warm. An underlay with a high tog rating can make a huge difference to a cold concrete subfloor or draughty floorboards. Not only will it prevent warm air escaping – it will also act as a barrier to cold air trying to get in. Best Carpet Underlay for Insulation Carpet underlays can be thicker than those used with laminate flooring, so they have a higher tog rating because they are naturally more insulating. Carpenter Midas 12mm Underlay – 3.26 Tog Rating The Midas 12 is the number one underlay for insulation. It’s a luxury feeling product with a very high tog rating of 3.26. As well as keeping your home that little bit warmer, the Midas 12mm also has great sound insulation. The...

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