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  • What is the best underlay for laminate flooring or Wood Floor?

    Whether you're fitting carpet or laminate, underlay is crucial to getting the best experience out of your new flooring. It's especially important if your sub-floor is made of concrete as the underlay helps to prevent moisture and damp from impacting your flooring and ensures it lasts longer. It will also help to smooth out your flooring making it the perfect surface for laying your floor. Underlay also acts as a thermal insulator, keeping your house warmer for longer and at less cost. This is important with laminate as it can potentially make your house feel colder during winter. Underlay also works as acoustic insulation, which is valuable with a wood floor as it can otherwise become quite loud. Laminate 3mm dpm with built in damp proof membrane and is a great option for wooden floor boards and laminate flooring Read More >> Super Gold is the thickest underlay you can put...

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  • How to measure carpet for stairs and landing

    Whether you're planning on doing the fitting yourself, or simply trying to figure out how much carpet and underlay you will need, it can be tricky to know how to go about measuring floor space for stairs and on landings. Follow our easy guide to make sure you get it right. How to measure your stairs for carpet & underlay First, you'll need a tape measure, a pencil, and some paper. Begin by counting how many steps in total need covering. Next, measure the height and depth of each step - if they're all the same, you only need to measure one. Add the height of the step to the depth of the step, and multiply it by the number of steps you have to find the total length of the carpet you'll need to cover the stairs. The width of the carpet should simply be the width of the steps. How to measure your landing for carpet & underlay To measure carpet for a landing, draw a quick sketch of...

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  • Best type and style of carpet for hallway, stairs and bedroom

    Choosing carpet for the stairs in your home is a tricky task: as well as the normal choices like colour, thickness and design, there are plenty of other factors you'll need to take into consideration. Here are all the things you'll need to think about when making your choice - and some suggestions for the carpet types that work best. 1. Stairs are high traffic areas In most homes, the stairs - along with hallways - are an area that sees the most traffic. It's not just that they're used regularly: the impact of feet on a staircase is generally heavier than on regular carpeted floors, thanks to gravity when we're descending. For this reason, you'll need to choose carpets of a material that's highly durable and designed to last: the carpet you choose for your bedroom will not last nearly as long on a stairwell. It may also be worth buying extra carpet at the time, to ensure that you can...

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