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  • The difference between PU Foam vs Rubber Underlay

    One of the most asked questions we get at Underlay4U is 'which is better, PU foam or Sponge Rubber underlay?' There is no easy answer to this and it really depends on quite a few factors. Every home is different, and these materials will work differently to suit various environments. In this article we will cover what these materials are made of, their differences and similarities and how to decide which is best for you. Keep reading to find out the three vital questions to ask yourself before purchasing. What is PU Foam Underlay and What is it Made of?   PU foam is becoming more and more popular for carpet underlay, and it’s not hard to see why. It has so many benefits and is a great option for comfort and durability. But, what is it made from? It is made up of recycled materials. Europur tells us that this material is highly diverse and is the leading member of the polymer...

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