More about carpet underlay

In any home, there is one area that is used every single day, but is only usually noticed when it becomes damaged. We are of course talking about your flooring, and often the most important and hardest working component of your floor is actually hidden beneath the surface. Your underlay may go unnoticed, but it can actually make a huge difference to the comfort, durability and insulation of your home. As a substantial investment it is also important to protect the lifespan of your carpets, and key to this is the purchase of a quality, use-specific carpet underlay. For instance, in places such as the hall, stairs and landings, the constant footfall often causes the carpet pile to become flattened, especially with children running up and down the stairs. A good carpet underlay provides an extra layer of protection between the carpet and the floor preventing this from occurring. A high density PU Foam underlay, such as Tredaire Dreamwalk for instance, cushions every step to give support in essential areas like the risers of the stairs. In the dining room or the study, heavy furniture resting on a carpet for a prolonged period of time crushes the carpet and leaves unsightly marks, often damaging your carpet irreparably. In these cases a crumb-rubber underlay such as Super SRF Underlay will provide outstanding long-term protection. Quality underlay can also have a significant impact on the warmth of your home. Thick, high-tog underlay like Tredaire Dreamwalk traps the heat in your rooms, helping to cut down on heating bills. Another key benefit of choosing good quality underlay is noise reduction, both between rooms and also underfoot. A thick sponge rubber underlay beneath your carpet reduces noise by absorbing many airborne sounds; Tredaire Colours Red is an excellent example and is also one of the most comfortable underlays on the market. Similarly, underlay mitigates the harsh sound of heavy footsteps on laminate floor. Choosing a specialist low tog underlay for underfloor heating ensures that the heat reaches its destination whilst still cushioning your floor. You will spend a lot of time, trouble and money selecting your new carpet so it makes sense to protect it with a good quality carpet underlay. Your underlay provides your carpet with essential support and so you should always buy the best underlay that your budget will allow. Some carpets are manufactured with a built-in underlay but most carpets are “hard backed” or “secondary backed” and it is vital that they are fitted with a good carpet underlay. Underlay acts as a “shock absorber” between your new carpet and the floor. Floors themselves have no “give” or resilience, so when you walk on a carpeted floor with no underlay all the pressure is absorbed by the carpet, rapidly accelerating its wear. When an underlay is used it takes all the pressure, “cushioning” the wear and protecting the carpet. This “cushioning” effect also adds an extra dimension of comfort to your carpet, giving it a really luxurious feel underfoot. In addition, an underlay provides good heat insulation and is excellent at absorbing noise. Always use the best underlay that you can afford. A top quality underlay such as Duralay and Tredaire will make even the least expensive carpet feel luxurious and will make heavier quality carpets feel spectacular! We would advise you to use a top quality rubber underlay as they are exceptionally resilient, feel fabulous underfoot and do not retain dust the way that old felt underlays do. The underlays offered on our site are top quality rubber and carry the manufacturers full guarantee,but do be warned of cheap imitations which are often imported from Malaysia and China without a British Standard Mark. Often these underlays are made to look like good ones by copying the pattern or colour used. In most cases they are a much lighter product or, at worse, are made from blown plastic and fillers, which will flatten out within a short period of time offering no protection to your carpet. When it comes to purchasing underlay, many flooring shops are more interested in selling the carpet than the underlay, and do not have the specialist knowledge to help customers make the best choice. Sadly, they also often inflate the price of their underlay to increase their profit margins, leaving the customer with a large bill for low quality underlay. Underlay4u is committed to providing the best advice and the best products at the lowest possible prices, So next time you change your flooring, log on to and get the best underlay, at the best price.