Carpet underlay types

Carpet Underlay Types

Here at Underlay4u, we are asked on a number of occasions, ‘what is the difference between foam underlay and rubber underlay?’ so here is a brief description of the different underlays we have available. There are many carpet underlay types, including foam, rubber & acoustic, these are only some of the carpet underlay types you will find online, get the right carpet underlay types for your different home areas, in fact, carpet underlay types you may need will vary according to your floor covering. There are different levels of thickness and weight. Types of underlay you use may vary within your house, according to budget and what you use the room for. Carpet underlay comes in different types and prices. Underlay is the material between the floor, which in the UK tends to be either wood flooring or concrete, and your carpets. Some carpets have a thin layer of foam on their backing, and can be fixed without underlay, but these tend to be for offices or places with concrete floors or where floors are fairly flat and stable. Some more expensive types of underlay may be very luxurious, and have perhaps a 25 year guarantee, but most of us may change the carpet within that time anyway, and it is preferable to then buy a new underlay at that time. Rubber carpet underlay Rubber carpet underlay, a rubber waffle type, in different qualities, to suit all pockets. They are variable in price. However, you can buy the same carpet underlay online for a lot less money. Rubber crumb is another type of rubber carpet underlay. PU Foam carpet underlay These are much liked by carpet fitters, being relatively light to move about, easy to cut and fit and can give a real quality feel to your carpet. Often the price is cheap, and this is because it is usually made from recycled materials, so this has cost savings at the manufacture stage. Wool Felt underlay This is widely used, but more popular for commercial uses, like bars and restaurants. It is environmentally friendly as it is usually made from recycled fibres, and has good acoustic properties. This type of underlay does not crumble over time, and usually outlives the carpet. Combination underlay As its name suggests, this carpet underlay uses layers made up from the types above, but usually felt above and crumb rubber below. The rubber backing offers good grip on either concrete or wooden flooring and allows the sisal/coir or carpet to bed into the felt.


Flooring Underlay When choosing your flooring there are many products, including Carpet, solid wood, laminate and engineered floors which require the use of underlay. Here at Underlay4u there are a variety of different styles of floor underlay, including rubber underlay and foam underlay. Each product has its own unique attributes so you are sure to find something that is perfect for you. DPM Underlays When installing a floor over concrete subfloor it is recommended that you use a flooring underlay with in-built Damp Proof Membrane (DPM). This is to prevent moisture damage to your floor as damp can not only damage carpeting but it will also make wood floors expand and potentially buckle, it is very easy to prevent with the right floor underlay. Sound Reduction Underlay Flooring underlay with sound reduction qualities is incredibly popular to prevent noise travelling to rooms below. This is ideal for any homes with other residents living below as it allows for a greater degree of privacy and prevents disturbing neighbours. It is also popular in office blocks where a lot of noise from another floor can be very distracting Underlay With Thermal Insulation Thermal insulation in your underlay is not just a matter of comfort; it can also save money by helping a room to retain heat and therefore lowering the cost of heating. All flooring underlay provides thermal insulation to some extent, purely because it is an extra layer to your flooring; however products which specifically mention thermal insulation are far better equipped for this purpose.Eliminating Uneven Subfloors One main reason for a problem arising with floors is subfloor issues. If the subfloor is uneven then this can cause an array of problems but fortunately there are several options to correct this. One option is to use floor underlay which is designed to eliminate uneven subfloors and solve any problems without extra work Use with Underfloor Heating If the room you are installing your new floor in has under floor heating then it is essential that you choose underlay and flooring which is designed to be used with it. If the products you choose are not designed for use with heating then it can cause the system to overheat because it is covered with products which are not designed to let air circulate. Luxury Feel under Carpet One of the major benefits of carpet is the soft, comfortable feel when you walk on it. However even the softest carpets do not feel as good as they could if they are used with the wrong carpet underlay. To get the most out of your carpet choose a product which is designed to be used with carpets, and for extra comfort look for products which advertise a luxury feel.


 Foam carpet underlay, rubber carpet underlay, acoustic carpet underlay and how to buy carpet underlay. We will tell you about the different types of underlay, including which carpet underlay is best for your home. Rubber, foam underlay and acoustic carpet underlay offers different levels of sound proofing and heat retention. Underlay can prolong the life of your carpet. Carpet underlay comes in different types and prices. We provide carpet underlay information so you can make the right buying decision to find the cheapest and most cost-effective underlay for your home.

Why use carpet underlay?

It is easy to think you don’t need it, especially if the carpet looks like it is thick enough. However, carpet underlay extends the life of your carpet, makes the floor better to walk on, can stop drafts, can help with sound acoustic insulation and also save on your heating bills. It can even smooth out small imperfections in the subfloor. Which is the best carpet underlay? A great question, as it can be confusing when you looking for underlay and are given lots of choices. Most makes are the rubber carpet underlay, but most carpet fitters will prefer the foam carpet underlay. The most obvious choice is between foam underlay and rubber underlay. However, many people like the added benefits of acoustic carpet underlay. However, the better quality carpet underlay will have good acoustic properties. The question is not which is the best, but what is the best carpet underlay for your home, and even for each room in your home. Acoustic carpet underlay. Use acoustic carpet underlay if you need to deaden the sound in your room or rooms. This can absorb some of the noise within a room. Foam carpet underlay (PU foam). Most carpet underlay is made from one or two manufacturers, and have competing brand names. All the major manufacturers make foam carpet underlay, and many are similar in type, but have different trade names. The luxury brands are Duralay Carpenter, Cloud 9 (11mm) or Tredaire Dreamwalk Seventh Heaven. Rubber Carpet Underlay. There are actually different types of rubber carpet underlay. Crumb rubber underlays are flat and are good for a firmer feel, such as on stairs, or for heavy domestic or contract and commercial use. Brand names like Duralay’s Treadmore or Durafit are popular. You can also buy it for rooms that have underfloor heating. A popular one is Duralay’s Heatflow.