Working Out How Much Underlay You Need & Cost Calculator

How much underlay do I need? On our web site we have a room calculator that gives a good indication on how much carpet underlay and gripper you will need. However when you are working out rooms that are not square, rectangular or hall stairs and landings you may find that you have to manually work out the quantities involved. The Easy Way Measure up your areas and ring us up – we are happy to work it all out or you! The DIY Way To Calculate For Carpet Underlay If your room is not square and you need to look at it as a collection of boxes. In the drawing below you will see a typical room with a bay window and a fire place and how we work out what underlay quantities are required. This process will work for most rooms, just simply break down the rooms into a collection of boxes. Calculating Underlay For Stairs For your stairs all you need to do is measure the width and the tread size, allowing an extra 100mm (0.10m) on the tread size and times it by how many stairs you have. E.g. Stair width = 0.89m times the tread size of say 0.25m adding in the  0.10m taking it to 0.35m and you have 13 steps 0.89m x 0.35m =0.31m2 x13no steps = 4.04m2 (round it up to 5m2). Gripper Rods Just simply measure up the lengths of all the walls including the door – this will give you a bit extra for cutting. Hopefully now you will have the correct measurements for you carpet underlay and gripper rods.

Turning it into Costs

In order to work out how much it will set you back, you simply multiply the number of square meters by the square metre price, prices of underlay usually range between £2 and £5 per square metre depending which product you choose

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