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  • How To Fit Your Gripper Rods and Underlay

    This post tells you everything you need to know about carpet grippers. There’s 2 sections. You can navigate the page easily. Just click the links below to read more and find the answers to your questions. Section 1. What are gripper rods? Do I need them? Where to buy? Section 2. How to fit carpet grippers If you’ve chosen to go down the DIY route, make sure you read this article in full. It will help ensure your project is a success. It will also help you minimise mistakes and keep frustrations to a minimum.   An introduction to Carpet Grippers This section addresses the most common questions asked about carpet grippers and gives you some insight into making the important decisions.   What are carpet grippers? What do they do? Carpet grippers are long pieces of plywood, usually 1.5m long x 2cm wide. They have sharp angled nails in them that are designed to hold the carpet...

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  • What state do my floors have to be in for a tip top job?

    Floor Boards All wooden floors boards must be structurally sound, level, smooth, and dry And clean to ensure that your carpet underlay will perform. Worn or uneven floorboards should either be replaced or levelled by sanding, planning or covering with flooring grade plywood. Chipboard Floors Chipboard should comply with BS5669 flooring grades, type, C2, C4 or C5. It is essential that floating chipboard and other Composition floors are dry smooth and have no lumps or bumps as this will cause uneven wear in the carpet and underlay Asphalt Floors Providing the flooring grade asphalt is in good condition, sound, Strong enough and has not suffered rutting or any other sign of Softening and is free from any form of contamination, the fitting of any carpet underlay is fine. Concrete Floors All concrete floors should be smooth sound and dry. If the floor is not smooth an application of latex...

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  • Working Out How Much Underlay You Need & Cost Calculator

    How much underlay do I need? On our web site we have a room calculator that gives a good indication on how much carpet underlay and gripper you will need. However when you are working out rooms that are not square, rectangular or hall stairs and landings you may find that you have to manually work out the quantities involved. The Easy Way Measure up your areas and ring us up – we are happy to work it all out or you! The DIY Way To Calculate For Carpet Underlay If your room is not square and you need to look at it as a collection of boxes. In the drawing below you will see a typical room with a bay window and a fire place and how we work out what underlay quantities are required. This process will work for most rooms, just simply break down the rooms into a collection of boxes. Calculating Underlay For Stairs For your stairs all you need to do is measure the width and the tread...

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