Uneven Flag Stone Floors – What Underlay Do i Use?

If you want to put a carpet over old uneven Flag Stones and do not wish to take them up or concrete/asphalt over them what do you do? Old flagstones by nature are always uneven and over time the Flags sink and move, giving an uneven floor making a fitted carpet unsightly. Manufactures will not guarantee the carpet for wear if the sub floor is not smooth and sound and this is quite understandable as lumps and bumps will cause high spots and therefore cause uneven wear. If you want to keep your old flags down and use a carpet underlay to help smooth out the floor there are only a couple that MAY help. Originally carpet underlay was made of hair/jute& wool these proved to be a great success because the old carpets used to be made in 27 inch wide sections and then sewn together. The hair/wool felt let the seams bed into the underlay and helped smooth out the joints. With this in mind the Hair felt carpet underlay does the same with the flags – it sinks into the low spots helping to smooth out the floor. There are many different weights that this underlay is made – 26oz – 32 oz – 40 oz -42 oz-50oz & 60oz. At underlay4u we carry the 50 oz Lion hair/wool felt, as we fell that is offers the best valve and thickness. The other underlay is the Super SRF this is half hair felt and half rubber crumb. But please be aware that this is a compromise and not a solution – and that no guarantees can be made