What to do with pets during a home renovation

What to do with pets during home renovation

Keeping your pets safe during a home renovation should be on the top of your to-do list.

Big machines, loud noises and lots of mysterious faces around your home can definitely make your dog or cat unsettled.

So, when there are big changes being made, please be sure to find a ‘safe-haven’ for your beloved furry friends.

In this article, we’ll give you a few ideas on where you could take them, when is best to do that and a couple of tips on how to make it work.

Give them to a friend or relative

Often the cheapest and most convenient, this is a popular choice for many.

If you have a friend or relative nearby, you can ask them to look after your pets while you undertake the main bulk of the work. Or even just the work that creates the most noise or dust, like demolishing a building or drilling.

Don’t always expect people to do it for free though. You could even offer to pay them, especially if you have a dog. As you know, dogs ca be hard work and they can be even harder work for people who don’t usually have a dog in their home

Put them in kennels for part of the day

It’s true, kennels can be costly. So, if this is something you may need to do, it could be worth adding it to the budget before you even start your transformation.

What’s more, some up front planning can go a long way to saving some cash. For example, planning the most intense work  around the days in which you need your pets to be away will help you minimise the days in the kennels.

Keep them in a separate room

Maybe your house is big enough that you can put them in a separate room and they won’t need to hear any noise, see any unfamiliar faces or see any big machinery. If that works then this can be a good idea. Make sure they don’t get cabin fever though – yes, pets can still feel isolated too.

Keeping a dog or cat in a room for the whole day can cause them to become uncomfortable, so be sure to let them out when the coast is clear. If you can – check up on them regularly to see how the are getting on.

If you really want to make sure they are comfortable being isolated from the rest of the house, you can do. Install a camera in that room and keep an eye on them the whole time they are there.

Watch out for signs of stress and strange behaviour. If you notice it, don’t keep them in the room and it may be time to find an alternative option or arrange the building works for another time.

Keep them outside in the garden

If much of the work is being done inside the home, then the garden can be a perfect place for your pets to spend the day. Just make sure you have setup somewhere cosy, of course, kitted out with some comfy underlay, for them to ‘chill’ if they don’t want to run around the garden all day.

Make sure you research about what is safe in the garden to what is not safe for your furry friends to be coming into contact. That way you can confidently give them the roam of the full grounds or section-off areas that pose a risk to their health.

Things to think about are any lawn products or plants that might be poisonous to dogs or cats.

Take them out for walks

If you have builders coming over and you’re not getting your hands dirty with the ‘big stuff’ you could simply take your dog out for a walk . Getting them away from the noise and mess.

These days, most pubs, restaurants and cafes are dog friendly. So, you could just head out for some food and drink while the nosiest work is being undertaken.

Alternatively, it’s always nice to go on a long walk in the hills with your companion. So, why not plan a walk at teh time of a big renovation on your home.

In Summary

So there are a few tips on how o keep your pets safe both physically and mentally during a large house renovation. Remember whatever you do with your companions during the works to make sure they are fed watered, exercised and most of all loved throughout the whole time.