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  • Cheap Does Not Necessarily Mean Bad

    The most important thing that has to be remembered is that cheap carpet underlay is better than no underlay at all.  Buying a carpet is expensive enough and if your budget does not stretch to very expensive cushioning for it you should never use your old underlay or, worse still, your old carpet as a base on which to fit your floorcovering. You have a couple of choices really when you need to change your threadbare carpet.  You can either go for a luxurious carpet or you can buy an underlay which is expensive and purchase a cheaper carpet. However, on looking on the internet to weigh up the options, I found that these days cheap padding does not necessarily mean that it is inferior.  In the first place the internet retailers are able to sell you most things cheaper as they can buy in bulk and in the second place manufacturers can still provide you with a product that will adequately cushion your carpet against footfall and furniture and at the same time keep your floorcovering feel nice to walk on. If I was updating my carpets in the various bedrooms, I would certainly not buy very expensive padding as foot traffic is light.  The only way I am going to splash out on expensive stuff is if I wanted to minimise noise levels from the adjacent rooms. A well laid underlay will keep your carpet nice and flat on the floor.  Of course you will have prepared the subfloor to minimise lumps and bumps, but if there are any slight undulations left, your padding will sort this out. Preparation is the key here.  Your floor must be very clean and sealed before you put down any coverings.  You should also purchase gripper strips to hook the edges of the carpet over so it lies slightly stretched over the floor.  Over a couple of weeks, due to foot traffic the carpet will give a little without forming ridges. Any wrinkles and ridges will cause your carpet to wear out where they are formed.

  • Quality For Laminates Is Important

    All floorcoverings need padding even laminate flooring.  Choosing the right laminate underlay is almost as important as choosing the quality of the floorcovering itself. On top of this, manufacturers of this type of flooring often recommend what padding to use and if you do not listen to their recommendations, a warranty may become void. A damaged floor will then be a complete waste of money and may be expensive to put right. If you should choose a basic product, you should only use it in bedrooms or, anyway, rooms that are not on the ground floor.  The reason for this is that this type will almost certainly not have a moisture barrier. There is not much chance of having a damp floor upstairs.  However, you must consider the fact that this type does not provide adequate noise reduction, so if you have small children or teenagers who make a lot of noise, this variety is not going to help you to have a good night’s sleep. Concrete floors, especially above a cellar or a draughty place underneath will need a better quality underlay with a moisture barrier.  This type will provide slightly improved noise reduction, but if you really need to deafen sounds further you should choose the variety with a sound muffler built into it. With so much quality to choose from it may be worth your while to ask for assistance when choosing the right quality.  You should know that you need an entirely different product again if you have under floor heating. If you should choose to buy all your requirements on line you may not be able to see the product, but you can ask for assistance just as you would if you went to visit your local retailer.  The beauty of on line buying is that all products are readily in stock and if your payment has been accepted it does not take weeks to arrive at your home. Some on line providers will send you samples of the product you are interested in before you make your choice.

  • Trip Hazards – how to avoid tripping and how to keep your home safe

    Trip hazards are dangerous in a business or home environment, so it is your responsibility to ensure that anything which could be tripped over is dealt with quickly and safely to avoid any accident happening. Surprisingly, many people severely injure themselves on trip hazards and can be out of action for weeks, if not months. Problems with torn ligaments in the back is a common problem, and of course broken bones is a serious setback for anyone. So here is a list of common trip hazards and how to avoid them: Trailing cables Often seen in an office environment, trailing cables are very dangerous as they can easily be tripped over. For this reason you should use a cable tie to clump cables together and also heavy duty tape to stick the cables to the carpet or any other area which will keep them out of the way. Frayed Carpets This can be a problem in both the office and at home. When a carpet is not fitted properly, it can fray at the edges and cause a big trip hazard. You should use threshold strips to secure the carpet into place in doorways etc. Also, ensure you are fitting the right carpet for the area that is being used. For example, a high traffic area could really do with a heavy duty, short haired carpet. A thicker carpet would only get ruined and lose its longevity in this kind of high traffic zone. Boxes Whether moving house or in a storage area at work, cardboard boxes can easily be tripped over. It is vital you don’t stack such boxes near a doorway or other exit, as it can cause an obstruction. Also, this can lead to a fire hazard, so you should ensure any waste is disposed of suitably. Not only will this reduce trips and fire risks, but it can give you extra and much needed space to work with.

  • Decorating your living room

    When you decide to redecorate your living room it is a big decision to make – what colour do you opt for? Do you get new furniture too? How much do you have to spend? These will all be questions going through your mind. As it can be costly and disruptive to redecorate your living room very often, think carefully about your decisions and take time to make the right choice. Here are some tips: Buy home and living décor magazines Magazines can give you a great idea of the kind of style you want. You can start thinking about whether you want something modern, old-world style or minimalist. Pick out colours you like and make an idea board. This is a good way to see how colours would match together. If you see something you really like but it is a bit bold, don’t be afraid to go for it and put it in your ideas pile. Choose curtains and carpets together Think about it – what frames your room is your carpet and your curtains and the two should match or at least complement each other. You might like patterned textures – if so, make sure the carpets and curtains don’t clash in any way. Plainer styles are a better choice if you are not sure which pattern to choose or how it would look in the living area. When you choose your carpets, you might consider short hair, long hair or even something like vinyl or laminate. Whatever you go for, make sure you get underlay fitted underneath to prolong the life of the carpet. Something like tredaire dreamwalk is a good idea. Underlay can also add to soundproofing and more effective heat circulation in a room, ideal for your living area. Pick Accessories When you pull the finishing touches together in your room, accessories really make a difference. Some people decide to buy the accessories first, and then buy the room’s paint or wallpaper around the accessory choices. Whatever you decide, you can really finish off the look of the room with the right vases, ornaments, pictures and frames.

  • Choosing new carpets for your flat this season

    Thinking of buying some new carpets to help spruce up your flat? There are plenty of different varieties available from online carpet shops and specialists which can give your rooms a real boost. Interestingly, carpets can really improve the entire look of a room. Although you may not think it, carpets have the ability to tie the room together or to finish the look off. Many people avoid buying carpets because they can seem expensive, but using underlay such as tredaire underlay is a good way to prolong its life and keep it looking its best. Underlay offers various benefits, including sound proofing and comfort under foot. It can really help in a flat environment when you want to minimise sound travelling around any of the flats or floors around you. You may want to ask your neighbours to get some! When choosing your new carpets you should consider the size of your room. Patterned carpets can make a room look smaller, whilst whiter colours can make a space look bigger but are usually unpractical. A beige or neutral colour is a preferred choice for many but can be considered boring. Of course, you should also consider whether you want a thick or short haired carpet. Short haired carpets are ideal for high traffic areas, like in a hallway. Thicker carpets are more comfortable and soft, but can be harder to clean if a stain sets in. A thicker carpet also helps to keep a warm room nice and cosy, ideal in a bedroom environment. You may also consider a laminate floor and then opt for a rug of some kind to keep things warm and inviting. Laminate is practical and clean, ideal for a range of rooms in your flat. In smaller spaces, laminate can look fantastic. The addition of a patterned rug can add a touch of homeliness to the laminate look and is ideal under a coffee table in the centre of your living area.

  • Choosing your next house? Signs you’re getting a good/bad deal

    When it comes to buying a new home, there are plenty of things to look out for. Here is a list of some things which could help your decision to make an offer. Some of these may appear minor, but actually the cost of them is great and is important to factor into the cost of the overall property price: Mould It is very important you look out for mould when buying a new house. Check around the windows and up the walls, especially in the bathroom. When left untreated, mould could be a sign of rising damp which is very costly to repair! You will need a damp proofing course which can cost hundreds. Cracks Checking for cracks in the walls is a good way to see whether any structural damage has affected the property. If you see a straight line, this could just be a crack in the plaster and is easy to rectify. However, a larger crack which sits diagonally across the wall may be a sign something worse has happened, so look out for these! Carpets Carpets can be costly to fit, so look at the state of the carpets and see whether you may need to replace any. Look around the skirting boards for any tearing or loose fabric – this is a good indicator as to whether you need to replace them or not. When replacing carpets for a whole property, it can cost thousands. If you decide to buy the property and factor in the cost of carpets, make sure you use a carpet gripper and carpet underlay to prolong the life of the carpets. Walls and Ceilings If you notice any aertex, beware. This can cost thousands of pounds in plastering fees to rectify – unless you like the look and want to keep it, of course! This could seriously add onto the overall cost of the property. Plastering is a skilled job, so you can’t assume you can do it yourself.

  • A buying guide for Rugs and Carpets

  • How to Keep Your Heating Costs Down This Winter

    During the winter months, many households see a steep increase in the cost of their heating.  With ever-increasing fuel prices, these increases can pinch the finances of homeowners.  Here are some simple and cost effective tips on how to reduce these costs. Firstly, look at your central heating settings.  18° is the setting which you could aim for, as this is the temperature that most people are comfortable in just a jumper and jeans.  But don’t worry if you aren’t comfortable at this temperature, just turning it down by a single degree can save you 10% of your heating bill.  And each time you turn it down a degree, it saves you another 10% so you can see how quickly savings can add up!  Also look at the timer on your central heating.  Rather than having it running 24/7 set your timer.  Most people like to get up to a warm house, and get home to a warm house, but there’s no point having the heating on if you aren’t there in the daytime, for example. Another cause of higher heating costs is draughts.  Locate any potential draughts coming into your home and this will highlight where you could be losing a lot of heat, so get a draught excluder or fix the cause of the draught and you could save a lot of money.  And don’t forget that you should only heat what you use.  This is often overlooked, but if you have a spare room or another space which doesn’t get much use, then don’t heat it unless you need to. Having a good carpet underlay will further help reduce your costs by helping to retain warmth and improve thermal insulation.  Experts have talked about loft insulation and cavity insulation as being essential to help keep the warmth inside your home, and a good underlay will act as a similar insulation on your floor.  As well as this, good underlay will improve underfoot comfort, extend the life of your carpets, and increase sound insulation, making it a good cost-effective solution.

  • Artificial Grass

    Why not try or new artificial grass, no more lawn cutting, no more sad looking lawns. The lawn comes with a 9 year guarantee and is available 4 meters wide. It can be used in any of these locations: Gardens, Swimming pool surrounds, Patios and verandas, Balconies, Greenhouses, Terraces and roof gardens, Lounges, Houseboats and yachts and Caravans and mobile homes. Benefits Quick and Easy Installation, with a natural appearance, UV-resistant and extremely durable. So you can have a lush green garden all year round which feels like natural grass with minimal maintenance and withstands all weather conditions. We do recommend you call a professional to carry out the installation of the artificial grass, however understanding that you may wish to take on the project yourself, hope you find the following guidelines helpful. Before You Start When determining the length and width you will require, please allow some extra that will be lost during cutting. It is recommended to make a draft design and determine how the turf can be best applied; we would like to point out that the grass should be installed in the same direction, as the fibres of the grass tend to settle a little towards one direction. Remove all grass, vegetation and stone from the area, a proper drainage of the soil is essential. To install as a carpet: Roll out the grass in the same direction to be laid try and avoid any folds. Make sure the turf is completely level everywhere and leave enough time to acclimatise. Start by roughly cutting the outer edges, to do this, fold the turf over and carefully cut between the pile rows along the back using a sharp knife, trimming can be carried out at a later stage. Adjacent pieces are placed immediately next to each other or can be pushed close together. Fold the sides of the turf back and roll the adhesive tape between the two pieces of the turf. Trim the turf where necessary, remove all trimmings and loose piles and brush the pile into the desired position. Please note, these are only guidelines.

  • Different Flooring Options for your home

    One of the most noticeable and transforming areas of your home is beneath your feet.  If you have decided to update a room, then the flooring can be the best place to start.  After deciding what colour scheme you would like a room to be, looking at different flooring options is next. When choosing flooring for your home, there are a few factors to consider.  For example, do you need to be able to mop or sterilise it regularly – if for instance, you have a baby who spends time on the floor, or a toddler who is potty training.  Do you like the idea of plush, soft carpets under your feet when you get out of bed in the morning, or need a practical, hard wearing solution to high traffic areas of your home?  Choosing the right colours or styles is also key; a baby pink carpet in your 9-year old girl’s bedroom might be great now, but will she still like it in 5 years? When considering these options, look at the room you are re-flooring and be honest about what you want and what you need.  You might have seen a beautiful cream carpet which you think would look lovely in your living room, but if you have small children, or pets such as dogs, you might just end up spending your time cleaning up stains.  Similarly, you may have your heart set on laminate flooring in the bathroom.  Making sure you have one suitable for bathrooms and kitchens is a must, and it needs to be properly fitted to make sure that it doesn’t warp when it gets wet. Whatever flooring you end up choosing, the right underlay is essential.  If you choose carpet, a good carpet underlay will extend the life of your carpet, and improve underfoot comfort.  It will also increase appearance retention and reduce flattening, absorb the pressure of foot traffic and reduce wear, improve thermal insulation and warmth, increase sound insulation, smooth out sub-floor imperfections, last at least the lifetime of the carpet, improve acoustic environment and give a feeling of luxury and taste. Whatever flooring you choose, a good underlay will enhance its performance, and reduce impact noise.

  • Redecorating your home – Top Tips

    When redecorating your home there is so much inspiration to be found in interior design magazines and in your local home improvement store that it can seem like a somewhat daunting task to undertake. To help you make those all-important decisions about how to personalise your living space and follow our simple tips to get you started. How big is the space you are looking to decorate?Is it a large room or a more compact space? Large bold printed wallpapers can make a striking impact in a spacious room, and will give a homely feel to what can seem like an empty room. If the space is smaller, why not consider painting the walls to give a clean airy feel, or if you really want to use wallpaper make a feature out of one wall only and use light shades with a small intricate print that will give the illusion of a much larger room. Do you want to have bare wooden floors or carpets? Consider the traffic that will pass through this room, and also the members of your family, i.e. children, pets. Wooden or tiled floors are easy to clean and can be a beautiful feature in any home, especially with a strategically placed rug to provide added comfort however you need to consider that these surfaces can be slippery, noisy to walk on and cool underfoot without under floor heating. Carpets are a great way to provide warmth and softness underfoot, particularly in living rooms and bedrooms, and many carpets are now available with scotch guard to take the hassle out of cleaning. Carpets come in a wide range of colours, fibres and patterns so you are sure to find one to compliment your colour scheme and for that added touch of luxury, installing underlay underneath your chosen carpet is a must. Underlay will not only give cushioning underfoot, especially felt when walking barefoot, but it will also act as an insulating layer retaining heat between the carpet and the floorboards, and also absorbing noise from room to room. Underlay will also help to preserve the longevity of the carpet, ensuring that your carpet looks fantastic for years to come.

  • Why you should choose carpet for your bedroom

    When choosing the décor for your bedroom you need to carefully consider the flooring you wish to have as this will have a big impact on the comfort and style of your space. Wooden floors can provide a striking vintage look to a room and are easy to clean however you need to consider that wooden floorboards can be slippery and cool underfoot, especially during the winter months when the temperatures drop. Furthermore they can be an unforgiving surface to walk on, and most people would at least require a rug next to the bed to nestle their feet into when they get out of bed. Carpets are the perfect solution for bedroom flooring as they provide that added touch of comfort and luxury underfoot, ensuring that your bedroom space is warm, inviting and most importantly relaxing.Carpets come in a wide range of colours, fibres, prints and patterns so you are sure to find one to compliment your chosen colour scheme. Alternatively you may wish to select a striking bold print carpet and make a real style feature out of your bedroom flooring. For added comfort and protection, installing good quality underlay underneath your chosen carpet really is a must. Underlay will provide superb cushioning underneath your carpet that will give you that indulgent feeling of softness underfoot, especially felt when walking around barefoot. Carpets also give you immediate warmth and comfort when getting out of bed, particularly during the night. Underlay acts as a fabulous insulating layer underneath your carpet that will retain heat between the carpet and the floorboards, providing that much needed warmth underfoot. Furthermore, underlay will insulate noise pollution and will help absorb noise of television sets, radios and walking from room to room. This is especially important in upstairs bedrooms to promote a peaceful relaxing atmosphere while other family members are downstairs. In addition to this, Underlay plays a vital role in preserving the age and condition of your bedroom carpet. By adding underlay underneath your carpet you will help ensure that your chosen flooring will continue to look and feel fabulous for decades to come.

  • Carpet Ranges

    Here at Underlay4u we have had success on selling the carpet ranges and have had a fantastic response on the quality of the carpet and value for money. The new carpet ranges with 6 choices of colours to go alongside our great ranges of underlays! Heather Twist is a hard wearing carpet with a tight compact pile. At a fantastic value and available in 5 fantastic colours, Peat (880), Mink (720) , Barley (680), Oatmeal (640) and Stone (790),at £5.99 +VAT per Sq.m, this carpet will meet your needs and budget, offers outstanding value and savings of over 40% from the high street retailers. Manufactured from 100% polypropylene, stain safe fibres making this carpet stain safe and bleach cleanable and resistant to sunlight fading Clifton Pain Twist is a hard Wearing carpet is a hessian backed carpet and can be used anywhere in the home. With 40% off the high street prices and is available in 6 great colours, Mouse (220), Cream (251),Truffle (281),Fawn (260),Corn (230), Bark(270) offer outstanding value for money at £6.99+VAT per Sq.m. Manufactured from 100% polypropylene, stain safe fibres making this carpet stain safe and bleach cleanable and resistant to sunlight fading Two Tone Saxony is a thick Saxony hessian backed carpet comes in 6 fantastic colours, Cream(660), Fawn (800), Sand (640), Black Knight (980), Peat (840), Grey (940), Butter (690),  this carpet has an excellent underfoot feel to it and the price of £8.99+VAT per Sq.m is not to be sniffed at. Manufactured from 100% polypropylene, stain safe fibres making this carpet stain safe and bleach cleanable and resistant to sunlight fading Please go to the website for colours… www.underlay4u.co.uk All of our carpets suitable for all areas within your home including the stairs For exact colour call or fill in the contact sheet with your details and we will send you a sample. Maximum of 2 samples.

  • New Range of Two Tone Saxony Carpet

    Quality Deep Pile carpets are becoming very popular, add not just style to your home but also add sheer luxury to your home with one of our deep pile carpets. Contemporary styled Saxony carpet is multi-toned with subtle but very elegant textures. From our home carpet line, enjoy the beautiful textured Saxony, with soothing earth toned patterns. When people use “Saxony carpet” to refer to a type of carpet, they mean a type of carpet with a cut loop pile. This means that the carpet is woven in loops, and then the loops are sheared off, creating a carpet with a tufted, even surface. Saxony carpet is typically woven very densely, and it has a very soft, plush feel. Noble Saxony is a heavy domestic Saxony pile carpet made from 100% Polypropylene B-Tron stain resistant carpet and comes with actionbac backing. This is simply one of the best value carpets on the market, very durable and excellent under foot, stain safe fibres making this carpet stain safe and bleach cleanable and resistant to sunlight fading, available in 7 New stylish shades, Cream (660), Fawn (800), Sand (640), Black Night (980), Peat (840), Grey (940), Butter (690), and comes in 4 metre wide. This much loved popular carpet is ideal for any room. With easy clean technology and comfort feel, this 1.8cm thick carpet will stay thicker for longer. Often used in living rooms or bedrooms, the Saxony carpet has a dense, cut pile and is made with longer tufts than the other styles of carpet, it is plush, luxurious and extra soft, made by the cut loop pile method. These carpets are specially designed for extra softness. Available in different patterns and numerous textures, this carpet is woven very fine, which makes it quite dense. This accounts for its extra softness and smoothness. The price is also fantastic at £8.99+VAT per Sq.m is not to be sniffed at. All of our carpets suitable for all areas within your home including the stairs Order you Two Tone Saxony carpet online today. We offer free samples and fast UK delivery direct to your door.

  • Why choose underlay when fitting your carpets

    Many people decide to skip the step of installing underlay underneath their carpets when they are redecorating their home. They may do this because they feel they are making short term cost savings, but actually by neglecting the underlay stage of the carpet fitting, you may be giving your carpet a shorter life completely. There are many reasons why you may want to choose underlay for your carpet, laminate or wooden flooring. Firstly, an underlay will give you a good level of underfoot comfort. This can help you to create a more comfortable feel when walking around your home, whether you are walking in the living area, kitchen, hallway or in the bathroom. For underfloor heating, you can also purchase underlay. This helps to improve the heat flow technology of the underfloor heating and to provide homeowners with a reliable and more durable solution for your home heating. Many of the underlays that you can purchase are offered at great value from underlay4u. A lot of these underlay products come with 10 year warranties, so you know that you are purchasing a high-quality product. All of the prices of these underlay products are offered at the lowest price on the Internet, so you have no need to shop anywhere else your underlay needs. The underlay is easy to handle and fit, and recyclable which is also a bonus. Take for example the 9 mm magic underlay. This comes at a great price and is suitable for use in every area of your home. This Best Buy underlay is great for any domestic property and has a very thick size, so you can feel comfort from the very first step with this underlay. You can also purchase underlay products that offer you noise reduction quality. However, most underlay products will provide some level of noise reduction, as it is in their nature to insulate. This is perfect for areas such as flats or maisonettes, where noise can often become a problem. Underlays can offer you cost savings in the long run, by extending your carpet life.

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