Carpet Underlay Advice


New underlay makes the carpet :


• Feel better (new underlay can make the carpet feel luxurious underfoot)
• Look better (new underlay will help to sustain the appearance of the carpet) 
• Last longer (new underlay will ensure that the carpet lasts for its expected life)


What Types Are Available :


• Thick sponge underlay for luxurious underfoot comfort
• Medium sponge underlay for bedrooms
• Basic sponge underlay for spare bedrooms
• Crumb rubber underlay for high traffic areas
• Crumb rubber underlay for double /single stick applications to suit wheelchairs, walking aids, natural floor coverings or border carpets.
• Sponge rubber underlay for underfloor heating under carpet / wood & laminate flooring


Master bedroom :  


Looking for medium underfoot comfort –
Recommend a medium sponge underlay  


Conservatory (at rear) : 


With a natural floorcovering (such as coir, sisal or seagrass) – 
Recommend a double stick crumb underlay 


Lounge : 


Looking for luxurious underfoot  comfort –
recommend a thick sponge underlay.

Underfloor heating –
Recommend a specialist underfloor heating underlay with a low tog rating  


Hallway :  


Laminate flooring: looking to reduce sound – recommend a noise reducing underlay 


Staircase & Landing : 


Looking for durability due to high traffic
Recommend a crumb rubber underlay


Spare Bedroom : 


Looking for minimal underfoot comfort
Recommend a basic sponge underlay  


Dining room : 


Heavy furniture may be moved around for entertaining
Recommend a crumb rubber or PU underlay


Are wheelchairs/ walking aids used?  


Is there a border carpet?
Recommend a double / single stick crumb rubber underlay